France Pushes No Fly Zone, Providing Direct Aid To Syria To Terrorists

France has started providing direct aid and money to terrorists in rebel-controlled areas of Syria and is even considering supplying heavy artillery weapons to the Saudi Jihadists.
French Diplomatic sources have revealed that France has started providing direct aid and money to terrorists in the rebel-controlled areas in Syria.

The official announcement, the first of its king from any western government, comes as France is pushing the creation of buffer zones inside Syria which would require the implementation of a Libya style no fly zone that the UN rejected on the basis it creates the foundation for a full out foreign military invasion of Syria.

Here’s more from RT

France Providing Direct Aid To Terrorists In Rebel-held Areas Of Syria

RT – France has started providing direct aid and money to rebel-controlled areas of Syria and is even considering supplying anti-aircraft weapons to the opposition, a diplomatic source has said.

The aid began being supplied last Friday, to five local authorities in so called “liberated zones” located in three provinces – Deir al-Zor, Aleppo and Idlib, the source said on condition of anonymity.

Last week, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius promised that such aid was in the pipeline.

“In zones where the regime has lost control, such as Tal Rifaat (40 km north of Aleppo), which has been free five months, local revolutionary councils have been set up to help the population and put in place an administration for these towns so as to avoid chaos like in Iraq when the regime pulls back,” the source said as cited by Reuters.

With pressure mounting and a threat of foreign intervention looming, France – Syria’s former colonial ruler – is considering supporting the rebels with artillery.

The diplomatic source said opposition forces had asked for anti-aircraft weapons. “It’s a subject that we are working on seriously, but which has serious and complicated implications. We aren’t neglecting it.”

The source did not specify how aid was provided, or name the cities where the aid went. He did however state that those areas are home to a total of 700,000 people and have been under rebel control for between one and five months.

French officials earlier admitted providing communications and other non-lethal equipment to Syrian opposition.

The United States and Turkey had previously said they were considering implementing no-fly zones for Syria to help rebel forces oust the government of Bashar Assad.

With UN estimates putting the number killed in the conflict at 18,000, the Syrian conflict is already the bloodiest Arab Spring uprising.

On Tuesday, the UN chief accused both the Syrian government and the opposition of large-scale human rights violations, stressing the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the country.

“Government forces and the armed opposition have clearly failed to protect civilians and respect the rules of international humanitarian law,” General-Secretary Ban Ki-moon said addressing the UN General Assembly.

“Prisoners on both sides are subject to harsh treatment and, often, torture,” he added. “There have been alarming reports of summary executions on both sides.”

On Wednesday, Ban slammed the Security Council for failing to reach any solution on Syria, saying that its paralysis over how to end the 18-month conflict was harming the Syrian people and damaging its own credibility.

RT also interviewed Full Spectrum Dominance author and Geo-political researcher Professor F. William Engdahl.

In his interview he says the west backing the Syria terrorists would be like Russia backing, arming and recognizing the Klu Klux Klan as the legitimate government of the US.
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