Filming Police – A Constitutional Right But Harrasment Continues

Filming Police – A Constitutional Right But Harrasment Continues


The Washington DC Police Chief has issued a bold public statement warning officers to stop harassing individuals filming police in public.

Officials with the police department in Washington, D.C. issued a bold statement this week: their officers have been instructed to recognize the First Amendment rights of citizens.

It might sound silly, but cops have been caught harassing and arresting Washingtonians for video-recording and photographing police, even though doing such is protected by the Bill of Rights.

Despite repeated warnings to stop the harassment the police continue ignoring the constitutional rights of citizens.

Sadly, D.C. isn’t the only place experiencing this problem.

Such incidents are continue to occur nationwide because police simply don’t care if they get sued for civil liberties violations because at the end of the day taxpayer pay for the legal settlements and there is no real personal accountability for the offending officers.

Will their latest statement actually bring transparency to the force? Or will accountability still be absent from law enforcement?

To discuss this Steve Silverman of Flex Your Rights joins RT’s Liz Wahl.


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