FDA Raids Herbal Distributor Over Cancer Remedies

FDA Raids Herbal Distributor Over Cancer Remedies

The FDA raids a herbal distributor and seized all of their products claiming the products were not labeled properly.

FDA Raids Herbal Distributor Over Cancer Remedies.
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It’s no secret that the FDA is responsible for some of the most vastly detrimental products on the consumer market, but did you know that they are capable of raiding and confiscating ‘potentially harmful’ substances that only they arbitrate?

Indeed, the FDA, known benefactors of big pharma, have been succeeding in their rampage across natural health remedy stores, and they could be coming to your town next. You might have heard of cancer patients and people in general trying CBD oils in the UK and around the world in an attempt to better their health as early research seems to suggest they have anti-tumor properties, however, it is not marketed with these purposes in mind and so it should be safe from the clutches of the state and research should be allowed to continue. As a natural product, people have found CBD to be beneficial in other areas of their physical and mental health too, and its versatility makes it even more valuable, for example you can get a cbd vape cartridge and water-soluble cbd solutions now.

After an alleged complaint against the ‘Notion-n-things’ store in Missouri, the State Department of Health and Senior Services managed to embargo the company’s herbal products. Whilst there are options on the market to help offer relief for those suffering from conditions like cancer, available after obtaining a Missouri cannabis card online, others will claim to provide similar, or greater, effects wrongly. Only as recently as three weeks ago did the district judge sign the order for seizure of those products.

Remember, this is the same organization that has declared walnuts to be illegal drugs.
The three products now in custody of the FDA are Chickweed Healing Salve, a product based on comfrey; To-Mor-Gone, a product developed for the treatment of cancer; and R.E.P., a natural remedy for various headaches and sinus infections. The FDA’s only reasoning for seizure of the products is that they do not have properly labeled information, something that they are far too concerned with rather than for the health of the American people. This is why most people are looking to Canada for their health needs since the country is known to have free health care. You can even get juul pods in Canada, and they won’t have to worry about big pharma coming in and ‘seizing’ it from, although they would probably find a way.

Of course, none of these products had been approved by the FDA as a safe or effective method of treatment for their prescribed usage, and as such are considered unapproved – and illegal – drugs. The FDA has not yet conducted a formal review of any of these products in order to determine if they actually work or not; either way, the administration describes them as ‘misbranded’ and ‘false’ products.

The FDA, spoken for by DaraCorrigan, admitted that the administrations’ concerns with these three products, and many others like them, is that cancer patients will choose them over their own ‘effective and proven’ treatments. In other words, only something that the FDA has approved is a valid method of treatment for cancer, and any sort of home or locally manufactured remedy is not only invalid, but also unlawful.





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