FBI Mutiny – Obama DOJ Blocking 2 Separate Hillary Indictments As New Huma Emails Discovered

FBI agents have leaked the Obama Department of Justice is blocking two different indictments each of which they believe they have a strong chance of indicting Hillary on criminal charges.

Against orders from the Obama administration FBI agents reveal they have been in a struggle against officials appointed in the Department of Justice by President Obama for nearly a year to serve an two separate indictments against to Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton .

FBI agents revealed to  they have a very strong case for an RICO indictment against Hillary Clinton.

Agents add they believe their case was already strong enough for an indictment and new information reveled by WikiLeaks only adds evidence to their case.

The agents insist their case was strong enough prior to the WikiLeaks Podesta Email revelations to serve an indictment but the recent revelations add to the evidence they already have.

Agents have also revealed that the investigation into the Hillary has uncovered new emails found on Hillary Clinton’s private server which the FBI believes are classified.

However, the classification of the emails need to be verified by other agencies.

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