Epidemiologist Debunks Goverment “Trace Levels of Radiation” Propaganda Explaining It Builds Up In Your Bones And Organs



In an excellent interview on the Intel Hub, Epidemiologist Joseph Mangano debunks government propaganda that the so-called trace levels of radiation are harmless. He explains how there really is no such thing as “trace levels of radiation” and that any amount of radiation build up in your bones and internal organs wreaking havoc to your entire body. Don’t mind the “techinal difficulties” at the beginning of the interview and listen to the whole show as this expert offers many useful and informative insights into the radiation hitting the US that you need to know about.

As the corporate media continues to claim that low levels of radiation are safe, many researchers and experts including Dr. Chris Busby believe they are dangerous. Joseph Mangano – The Radiation And Public Health Project http://radiation.org Ready Made Sources, Over 16 Years Experience in Preparedness(Ad)

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