Ditching Facebook Censorship With Seen.Life – A Hack To Find Friends Fast

Are you a victim of Facebook Censorship and looking for an alternative like me? I present http://seen.life and script to make friends fast.

Personally, I have witnessed conservative viewpoints become more and more suppressed on Twitter and Facebook over the last year.

Censored to the point where the censorship is no longer stealth.

The corporate media is now openly admitting there is an active campaign to suppress what the liberal media considers to be “fake” news.

This is being done by eradicating accounts from social media networks along with a coordinated campaign to economically starve so called “fake” conservative news outlets.

Indeed, Twitter has purged numerous conservative accounts from their network.

Facebook is openly stating it is cracking down on this “conservative fake news” and points to liberally biased “legitimate fact checkers” as guidelines for what the network will allow.

In reviewing the sites that the corporate media is claiming is “fake” news it is clear the sites are not being targeted for spreading “fake” news.

Instead they are being targeted for daring to print news that is inline with the conservative world view which is outside of the world view of the liberal press.

There is no longer a conspiracy that the establishment is actively engaged in suppressing such ideals and speech that conflict with their globalist world view.

Do not be fooled, while the current purge is is focused on conservative verse liberal points of view, this divide is just one of a myriad of tactics used by the elite use to divide and conquer the masses.

Throw in race, gender, income, identity politics, you name it and they will use it.

Regardless, as a free race pf humans, we need above an beyond all else the ability communicate unimpeded if we ever wish to protect our rights and give we the people the ability to have any say whatsoever.

Join Seen.Life and follow these instructions to expand your network and turn the globalist regime of internet censorship upside down on its own head.

Become my friend here. https://seen.life/alexanderhiggins

What is Seen.Life? It is an uncensored alternative to Facebook.

Instructions to use this hack: (Note: Users have reported Chrome doesn’t not work as fast as Firefox. I recommend using FireFox for this).


Browse to the following URL: https://seen.life/search/browse?filter=all&limit=14&start=1

Use developer tools (f12 on most browsers) or install an extension like FireBug and open the command tab in the developer console.

It will look like this in Chrome (Firefox shown in video)



Visit the following link http://pastebin.com/N1JRBxLA and copy the code out of the raw data box, Paste into into the console command as seen in the video and and click run.



Wait for the buttons to all turn to “request sent”. When the script is complete the buttons turn back to “add friend”. click run again. Repeat until you are bored or have enough friends. (See the video if you are confused)

Number one question:  Is seen.life ran by the government?

Does it matter? Edward Snowden has repeatedly made it clear that Google, Facebook and other social networks are in bed with the government and the NSA. Along with these corporations, any corporation under the jurisdiction of the United States at any time could be handed a national security letter. With such a letter any company could be secretly handing your information over to the government in the same manner that social networks currently are.

Additionally, the mega social networks not only hand your information over to the government, they sell your private information to globalist corporations.

Hence, Just like with elections we must chose the lesser of two evils. The first choice is a the Facebook social network that is known to be in bed with the government yet censors free speech and sells of your data. The second choice is a social network that might be in bed with the government but does not censor free speech. The worse possible outcome? Both are part of the intelligence apparatus but while one track your every movement everywhere on the internet the other can only track you on its site. Both could be handing over that data to the US government. But the first would be selling your personal data to corporations or allowing other third parties to use your information in other frivolous manners while at the same time censoring free speech, purging news that is not liberal because it is “fake news”, compiling facial recognition and bio metric data. All of these things are confirmed about Facebook. While conspiracy theorist speculate the later might have ties US government intelligence. Most likely, the later claim is likely part of a typical propaganda and smear campaign.

What do you have to lose? Sign up. Run The Script in this video. Make friends. Ditch the government spying. Ditch the Corporate media.

PS to Seen.Life. Yet another Facebook censorship article trigger this article. The script does nothing more than partially automate friend requests and is being shared to encourage others to begin building a social network outside of Facebook.

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