Disinformation-Fighting Toolkit



In order to combat disinformation, we have to remind people again and again of the basic tricks. While the information in this links might be old-hat to you, many Internet surfers haven’t seen this information before.

Indeed, psychologists and sociologists say that people won’t even look at something unless they’ve seen it a number of times … and even if they look at it, they won’t learn it or understand it until they’ve been exposed to it again and again.

So copy the following 2 links and paste them each time someone posts disinformation on the Web:

Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation You Know Those Obnoxious Posters Who Almost Seem Like Alter Egos Of The Same Person? They Actually Might Be …

All modern web browsers can copy and paste links. Just highlight the links, and then paste them wherever you want.


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