Disgusting Transcript Reveals FED Assisted Banks In LIBOR Manipulation Scam

A disgusting NY Fed transcript reveals the Federal Reserve was helping the global banking cartel run a key interest rate manipulation scam.

A transcript from the NY Federal Reserve reveals that the Federal Reserve know that global banking cartel was manipulating the most important interest rate in the world – The London Inter-Bank Overnight Rate (LIBOR) and they knew the rates they were posting were not honest numbers.

The scam’s the monetary damages caused by the global banking cartel’s manipulation of LIBOR easily makes it one of the largest scams ever, if not the LARGEST.

While in the US the media barely mentions it is a huge deal in the UK were the parliament is fulling investigating the criminal activities of the world’s largest banks in manipulating the rate.

Unfortunately for our corrupt regulators and politicians the truth is this scam is just to large to ignore as the UK media has revealed the findings of the investigation into the scam so far haven’t even scratched the tip of the iceberg in revealing the extent and involvement of the world’s largest banks and top financial regulators around the globe.

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