Disgraced Ex-Penn State President Has ‘Top Secret’ Federal Job

Disgraced Ex-Penn State President Has ‘Top Secret’ Federal Job


The disgraced, Sandusky scandal-marred, ex-president of Penn State has a ‘top secret’ job at a federal agency.

(NATHAN HARDEN)   Where could the disgraced, Sandusky scandal-marred, ex-president of Penn State go to find a job? The federal government–where else?

That’s right, Graham Spanier, who resigned from his position at Penn State last fall in the midst of the sex abuse scandal, now has a job working for a “top secret” federal agency, according to his lawyer.

Graham Spanier’s gig as a federal worker is a mystery

Graham Spanier might have been ousted from his post at the helm of Penn State over the sex-abuse scandal that engulfed the university, but it seems he’s found a backup employer: the American taxpayer.

Only a disgraced public figure would consider joining the much-maligned ranks of the federal workforce as a step up, reputation-wise. We can assume there were no openings for a used-car salesman.

Spanier was faulted in an internal Penn State report after the conviction on child-molestation charges of former assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky. The report said he, head coach Joe Paterno and others helped cover up Sandusky’s abuse.

His lawyer confirms to the Loop that Spanier is working on a part-time consulting basis for a “top-secret” agency on national security issues. But the gig is so hush-hush, he couldn’t even tell his attorneys the name of the agency. In April — months after his ouster as president but before the release of the internal report —he told the Patriot-News of central Pennsylvania that he was working on a “special project for the U.S. government relating [to] national security.”

But who’s he working for? The CIA? Homeland Security? Or maybe just a dull consulting firm with a government contract?

“I have no idea,”says his lawyer, Peter Vaira. “We know the work is in security and he’s prohibited from disclosing which agency or agencies he’s working for.”

An internal investigation conducted by former FBI director Louis Freeh turned up evidence that Spanier helped cover up Jerry Sandusky’s crimes. Sandusky would go on to rape and abuse more children in the years that followed.

Spanier’s attorneys say that the federal government conducted its own “re-review” of his security clearance in light of his role in the Sandusky case, and nevertheless reaffirmed his trustworthiness. That’s very troubling in light of the fact that Spanier may have broken the law by not reporting Sandusky’s abuse to law enforcement authorities. Spanier may face criminal charges himself in the near future related to the case.

In the meantime, the government continues to employ Spanier, which means that we are all paying his salary with our tax dollars. It also means that the government is entrusting work related to our national security to Spanier–a man who has proved that he simply isn’t trustworthy.

Source: Federal Jack

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