Did US Government Fabricate Charges Against Julian Assange? WikiLeaks founder ‘Wanted In Sweden For Rape’ (UPDATE 11)


The corruption of the US Government is beyond control.

From targeted assassination of US Citizens to wide spread violations of the US Constitution the Government has truly grown into an Orwellian Big Brother regime.

So how does the Government deal with high profile dissenters with insurance that prevents outright assassination?

We just might be getting an answer to that question right now as we watch the war between the US and Julian Assange .

Recently the website WikiLeaks which was founded by Julian Assange leaked over 90,000 classified US Military documents.

Those documents revealed the slaughter of an untold number of innocent civilians in the Afghanistan War by the US Military.

As I previously reported the website also leaked a classified video of an attack by the US Military which slaughtered dozens of innocent civilians including children and journalists.

Pentagon Considers Court Martial For Soldier Who Leaked Iraq Video Showing Civilian Massacre

The pentagon is considering charges against a soldier who leaked a classified video showing the US Military in Iraq slaughtering civilians, including two journalists and children. No doubt they will need to form a defense in a court martial based on these charges. In fact anyone who commits a crime like this in a military position like this should be punished, as the oath sworn is to serve and to work in honour of one’s country. For a crime like this, anyone who isn’t court-martialled may have caused an uproar amongst people.

The fact that the video was classified in the first place just screams coverup.

The video shows the US Military lying to their commanders making false claims that civilians on the the ground were carrying AK-47?s and RPGs and further making false claims that those civilians who were firing on the Apache attack helicopter.

In my opinion the soldier should be awarded a metal for revealing the cowardice of blood thirsty soldiers which the Pentagon tried to sweep under the rug until the video was leaked on the web site wikileaks, a website that offers a “public service designed to protect whistleblowers, journalists and activists who have sensitive materials to communicate to the public”.

Here’s the CNN scoop on the story.

U.S. soldier charged with leaking classified information

Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) – The U.S. military has charged a soldier in Iraq who is suspected of leaking a helicopter attack video that shows civilian deaths, the Pentagon said Tuesday.

Pfc. Bradley E. Manning, 22, of Potomac, Maryland, is being detained in Kuwait and faces charges on eight violations of the U.S. Criminal Code for allegedly illegally transferring classified data, according to a charge sheet released by the military.

It accuses Manning of “wrongfully introducing a classified video of a military operation filmed at or near Baghdad, Iraq, on or about 12 July 2007, onto his personal computer, a non-secure information system.”

The footage shows an Apache helicopter gunship attack that killed a dozen civilians, including two journalists from the Reuters news service. Their deaths gained the incident international notoriety.

I like how CNN conveniently leaves out the fact that children were also victims of the massacre in addition to the innocent journalists.

Now the the Associated Foreign Press is reporting that Julian Assange is wanted for an alleged rape in Sweden.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is wanted in Sweden where he has been accused of rape, the prosecutor’s office said Saturday.”Julian Assange is wanted for two different issues, one of them is that he’s suspected of rape in Sweden,” the director of communications Karin Rosander told AFP.

He was unable to say what the other accusation was or whether the search warrant was international.

According to the Swedish daily Expressen, the 39-year-old Australian is also wanted for assaulting a woman.

Assange was in Sweden last week, where he announced at a press conference that the whistleblower website was set to publish a final batch of 15,000 secret documents on the war in Afghanistan in “a couple of weeks.”

The Houston Chronicle gives us more information on the allegations.

A Swedish tabloid reported Saturday that an arrest warrant has been issued for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on suspicion of rape, and officials said they could confirm “media reports.”Assange addressed the report on WikiLeaks Twitter page, saying “the charges are without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing.” The fabrication of a rape accusation is unsettling and very dangerous. I hope reading about this case doesn’t discourage rape victims from seeking legal action. When looking for a lawyer to help you with a personal injury claim, make sure you choose one that specializes in personal injury law. This holds true for victims of rape too.

The prosecutor’s office in Stockholm issued a brief statement saying it “confirms media reports that a foreign citizen has been arrested in absentia” but didn’t name Assange.

“The arrest refers to two separate events, one complaint of molestation and one complaint of rape,” the statement said.

“The person is arrested in absentia, as there is a risk that he could obstruct the investigation,” it said.

Expressen said prosecutor Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand confirmed that Assange, who is an Australian citizen, was the person sought on the warrant. Haljebo Kjellstrand could not be reached for comment Saturday. The prosecutor’s office said all information related to the case would be posted on its website.

“We were warned to expect ‘dirty tricks.’ Now we have the first one,” WikiLeaks said on its Twitter page.

“Expressen is a tabloid; No one here has been contacted by Swedish police. Needless to say this will prove hugely distracting,” it said in another tweet.

WikiLeaks has angered the Obama administration by publishing thousands of leaked documents about U.S. military activities in Iraq and Afghanistan. Assange said Wednesday that WikiLeaks plans to release a new batch of 15,000 documents from the Afghan war within weeks.

Assange was Sweden last week partly to apply for a publishing certificate to make sure the website, which has servers in Sweden, can take full advantage of Swedish laws protecting whistle-blowers.

He also spoke at a seminar hosted by the Christian faction of the opposition Social Democratic party and announced he would write bimonthly columns for a left-wing Swedish newspaper.

As CNN has reported the high profile releases of evidence showing numerous cover ups by the US Government has led WikiLeaks to get “tons of ‘high caliber’ disclosures” so Julian Assange is definitely a thorn in the side of the US Government.

Suspiciously these charges were brought 7 days after Julian left Sweden.

We will have to watch to see how this one plays out but my first intuition is that the US Government is somehow behind fabricating these charges.

Update: August 21st, 2010 7:25 AM
CNN’s T.J Holmes is currently interviewing the director of the Swedish prosecutors office who has filed the charges and oddly the prosecutor has no idea of when or where these alleged events supposedly took place. What a joke.

Update: August 21st, 2010 8:17 AM

CNN is reporting that Julian Assange is now being charged with two separate charges of rape and molestation as reported on the Swedish tabloid site Expressen.

It should be noted that molestation in Sweden is not the same as it is in the US. In Sweden an unwanted sexual advance or trying to force yourself on an adult women is considered molestation.

The site reports that Julian has been charged in lieu of absence and under Swiss law that means he can be arrested and held for three days during which officials decide whether or not to file charges.

Here is the Google translation of the article to English.

Wikileaks founders arrested for rape

Wikileaks founders Julian Assange sought by Swedish police.

He is on suspicion of rape in Stockholm.

– He is charged in his absence, confirming Mary Häljebo Kjell Beach, duty prosecutor in Stockholm City, to Expressen.

Julian Assange have recently been to Sweden to lecture, including the LO-castle in Stockholm on the theme of “first victim of war is truth”. Behind the event was Brotherhood Movement, the array of Christian Socialists.

Last night he was arrested in his absence by Swedish prosecutors to date, according to Expressen.

– It’s rape, confirms Maria Häljebo Kjell Beach, the Express on Friday evening.

Is there probable cause the case?
– Yes, that’s it.

About an hour earlier in the evening, the prosecutor had received information from the Stockholm police on rape complaint against Julian Assange.
– I learned of it here this evening and asked him now in the evening, “said Maria Häljebo Kjell Beach.

According to Expressen crimes allegations arose after two women aged between 20 and 30 visited the police.

Met in Stockholm

One woman he should have met last week between Saturday and Sunday in an apartment in Stockholm.
Other woman will he have met in Enköping on Tuesday morning, according to Expressen.
A source with insider tells how he met the women:
– He met the victims through their assignments.

No details

The prosecutor would at this stage only confirm the suspicion of rape, but would not provide more details:
– Women must be received by the City police in Stockholm yesterday to ask about their experiences with Julian Assange. They reportedly did not notify.
– Women are terrified and dare not participate. The police believe that in this case, the offender’s position of power that women are afraid of. This raises for police and prosecutor, says a source.

A person close to the women says:
– The girls know each other and they both know that they have experienced the same thing.
According to police, the prosecutor did not know the suspect Wikileaksgrundaren are visiting.

Has he left the country after the event?
– No idea. I have asked him in his absence. I know nothing about where he is.
When Expressen confronts the Prosecutor with information that they are more than one woman, the answer is:
– I have not talked to them, so I can not say anything. In view of all involved, I can not currently say anything.

Do you know if it conducted a reconnaissance work to get a hold of him now?
I hope so. There, I guess. There is nothing I know.

Met Falkvinge

On Sunday evening met Julian Assange Pirate Party leader Rickard Falkvinge to sign an agreement that the party will be responsible for Wikileaks servers.
– We were eating dinner on Sunday when we signed the agreement between Wikileaks and The Pirate Party, “says Rick Falk Vinge.

It seemed good to him when you were on Sunday?
– Yes, absolutely. Det var glada miner. There were happy faces.
When Julian Assange dinner revealed that he would leave Sweden on Wednesday.

Expressen has attempted Julian Assange via Wikileaks

Update: August 21st, 2010 8:50 AM

Julian Assange has given Expressen an interview in which he denies the allegations calling them a dirty trick.

Assange: I was not aware of the allegations until I read the Express this morning

Julian Assange visste inte att svensk polis sökte honom. Julian Assange did not know that the Swedish police searched him.
It says in an interview after the Expressen revealing:
– I was not aware of the allegations until I read the Express this morning, according to Wikileaks founders.

Julian Assange, founder of the controversial site Wikileaks, already hunted by U.S. authorities after revelations that have shaken the superpower.

Today, Express reveal that Julian Assange also hunted by the Swedish police.

And that Assange is charged in his absence, on suspicion of rape, confirming the duty prosecutor Mary Häljebo Kjell Beach.

Denies allegations

But Julian Assange denies the allegations.

It is in an interview on the email with the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet as Julian Assange answer questions on suspicion of rape.
– The allegations are false and the way they have created is annoying.
Julian Assange said that Wikileaks has been prepared to attack the site.
– We were warned of dirty tricks against us.

If the time in Sweden, he writes to the Times:
– I was not aware of any problems or complaints, either private or official.
– We are investigating this.

While commenting on Wikileaks news on his Twitter account.

But there also argue that the news is not true.

“Warned of dirty tricks”

“We were warned of dirty tricks. Now comes the first” Wikileaks writes on his Twitter account, and continues:
“Express is a tabloid. No one here has been contacted by the Swedish police. Of course this will be a big distraction for us.”

Julian Assange have recently been to Sweden to lecture and have met including Pirate Party leader, Rick Falk Vinge.

According to Expressen, criminal charges arose after two women aged between 20 and 30 visited the police.

Update: August 21st, 2010 9:11 AM

CNN is now raised the question “Is Assange the target of a U.S. smear campaign?” and has quoted this post along with the other posts online.

Blogger Alexander Higgins said the U.S. government “has truly grown into an Orwellian Big Brother regime.”

According to the London-based tech blog Thinq, Assange “has become the focus of a smear campaign in what appears to be [an] effort to pile pressure on the whistle-blower ahead of the expected publication of thousands more classified US military documents. The documents are likely to lift the lid on more atrocities committed by forces in Afghanistan in the polluted name of freedom.”

The publication OneIndia called the arrest “a suspicious development that seems to be a smear campaign against Assange.”

Twitter user Deanzoz remarked, “Assange charged with rape. Pretty unusual approach from the CIA – they usually just shoot people in the head.”

However, some think the charges could be legitimate.

A commenter called Chips on the Somethingawful forum wrote: “If it’s a smear, it’s a superb smear given how simple and compelling it is and how creepy Julian Assange is.”

CNN has also posted the video I referred to above on the main story thread “WikiLeaks founder charged with rape, molestation in Sweden”.

Watch the video interview with the prosecutor lodging the charges and judge for yourself if you think the charges are bogus.

Transcripts of the interview.

Holmes: Happening right now, Julian Assange, the founder and editor of the whistle blowing website WikiLeaks is not facing some serious charges in Sweden related to rape and molestation.

Holmes: I want to bring in Karen Rosander who is director of communications at the Swedish Prosecutor’s office and is on the line with us.

Holmes: Ma’am good morning. Thank you for joining us and tell us how much you can about these charges.

Rosander: Yeah, he was arrested in his absence, it is of molestation and rape and he was arrested in his absence last night.

Holmes: You said in his absence?

Rosander: Yes.

Holmes: Do you know where he is? Have you been able to make any contact with him?

Rosander: Hello?

Holmes: Yes Ma’am you still me here OK? Again this is T.J Holmes, I hope you can here me here, CNN in Atlanta. But my question is do you all know where he is and have you been able to make contact?

Rosander: No, We haven’t so far.

Holmes: Do you know where he is?

Rosander: No, not at the moment.

Holmes: When did these incidents allegedly take place, this molestation and rape, and are they related to the same one incident?

Rosander: They are two different incidents and I don’t know when exactly they occurred, but he was arrested last night (inaudible)

Holmes: You said you don’t when they occurred.

Rosander: No, again.

Holmes: Are we talking about something in the recent past or maybe in the distant past?

Rosander: I don’t know anything about it actually. We have very little information at the moment.

Holmes: Well, do you – I assume you said two different incidents here, what can you tell us about the alleged victims?

Rosander: I can’t tell you anything about them because I don’t know anything about the victims.

Holmes: Well how are you all able to bring the charges? It sounds like there is not much that is known right now about this.

Rosander: No, no that’s very correct. There have been reports to the police and then the prosecution in charge has decided to arrest him.

Update: August 21st, 2010 10:47 AM

DateLine Zero has posted a explanation of why this doesn’t make sense which also contains links to two articles about the suspicious recent deaths of Senator Ted Stevens and Matt Simmons.

Two women, who know each other, are accusing Julian Assange with rape and molestation. We’ll see how this plays out, but you’ll excuse me for being more than a little cynical about this.

And please, yes he could have really raped two women who know each other, in two separate incidents – even though he knows that an arrest can be made at any time. He knows full well that the U.S. has a long reach and other governments cooperate. He knows there are people who want to silence him. He knows it is not a matter of if, it is only a matter ofwhen.

But how much sense does that make? It’s not logical.

Not impossible, of course. But there is something else that is possible: People do get removedif they become a problem to the higher-ups within the political class.

Killing Assange would make him a martyr. And character assassination isn’t hard. Accusations of child porn and rape are easy (which is also wrong and damaging to real-life victims of such crimes). How hard is it for a government to pay a couple of women a lot of money to make some shit up?

And this is something to watch: if he is arrested, how hard is it to deport him to the U.S. and then hold him while they try and come up with something huge to charge him with?

I agree that Assange would most likely avoid risking arrest at all costs because he knows it would most likely lead to extradition to the US and ultimately detention into one of the US torture prisons like Gitmo or Bagrham.

Update: August 21st, 2010 11:43 AM

Assange Arrest Warrant Revoked – All Charges Dropped

CNN has reported that Julian Assange arrest warrant has been revoked.

All charges have been dropped with no explanation from the prosecutor within 5 hours of the story breaking.

I’ll give you an explanation… To many sheeple made an uproar about it.

To many people have been woken up by the US Government dirty dealings with the BP Gulf Oil Spill and immediately called them out on their BS.


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