DHS To Release Potential Superbug Cousin Of Anthrax In Boston Terror Drill

The DHS plans to release a cousin of the anthrax in Boston as part of a terror drill while known NDM enzymes in the area could turn the bacteria into a super bug.

As reported some time ago, US Law permits the use of Chemical and Biological agents on civilian populations, although not much attention was paid at that time to the question “How do you feel about being a human test subject?”

US Law Allows Chemical and Biological Warfare Agent Use On Civilian Populations

Public law allows the use of chemical and biological warfare agents against American civilian populations while America’s enemy nations are targeted for regime change for using them.

The following document is horrific — public law that allows chemical and biological agents to be tested on the U.S. populace. See the full document: U-2.S. Law Allows Testing of Chemicals and Biological Agents on Civilian Population.

View slideshow: U.S. Allows Chemical and Biological Warfare Agent Testing On Civilian Populations:

How do you feel about being a human test subject?


For reference purposes the law, as quoted above, is highlight from the actual legislation in these slide show documents.

Of course the naysayers said such powers could only be invoked during a massive riot or if the President authorized such a release in the name of national security which would never happen.

Well the President has now justified such a release in the name of National Security and come summer time the residents of Boston will have to answer the question directly as the DHS plans on releasing a biological agent which is from the same family of bacteria that causes anthrax.

The particular bacteria to be released – Bacillus Subtilis – they claim is harmless although its cousins Bacillus anthracis, causes Anthrax and while other Bacillus species can cause food poisoning, such as Bacillus cereus and Bacillus licheniformis.

But while the federal government and the media run their physiological operations to assure the public there is no risk of harm from releasing this bacteria the fact is they can not make such claims.

Recall the now infamous CRE super bug that has spread across the US and has a 40% mortality rate in those who are unfortunate enough to get an infection from the bacteria.

CDC: “Superbug” Spreads To 35 States; Kills 40% Of The People Who Come In Contact

Map of CRE Superbug which kills 40% of people who come in contact

The CDC and LA Times reports a “Superbug” that kills 40% of the people it comes in contact with has hit 35 US States and is now being spread through California medical facilities.

MAP OF THE DAY: There’s A “Superbug” Spreading Around America Killing 40% Of The People Who Come In Contact

LA Times:

A dangerous drug-resistant bacterium has spread to patients in Southern California, according to a study by Los Angeles County public health officials.

More than 350 cases of the Carbapenem-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae, or CRKP, have been reported at healthcare facilities in Los Angeles County, mostly among elderly patients at skilled-nursing and long-term care facilities, according to a study by Dr. Dawn Terashita, an epidemiologist with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

It was not clear from the study how many of the infections proved fatal, but other studies in the U.S. and Israel have shown that about 40% of patients with the infection die. Tereshita was not available for comment Thursday morning but was scheduled to speak about the study in the afternoon.

Note clearly how that the CRE super bug has already been found in Boston and the enzyme responsible for creating the CRE super bug can turn any bacteria into a super bug.

Yes the same is caused by that Enzyme and has the potential to turn the Boston release into a catastrophe.

Docs: drug-resistant superbug is “time bomb” requiring global response

Researchers warn that the spread of a drug-resistant bacterial gene could herald the end of antibiotics; the bleak prediction follows his research into a drug-resistant bacterial gene called NDM-1, or New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1, which was first identified in India; the bug was found attached to E.coli bacteria, but the enzyme can easily jump from one bacterium to another and experts fear it will start attaching itself to more dangerous diseases causing them to become resistant to antibiotics.


The so-called “superbug,” dubbed NDM-1 (New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1), and its variants appear to have originated in India and were first detected in Britain in 2007.

The NDM-1 is a gene that produces an enzyme that deactivate basically all antibiotics.

After the bug was detected, the number of infected people began to increase, reaching more than 70 in Britain and more than 170 in India and Pakistan.

The bug attracted media attention after the August publication of a research article in Britain’s Lancet journal that said an Indian “medical tourist” appeared to have brought the bacteria to Britain (“Superbug found in British patients returning from treatment in Asia,” 11 August 2010 HSNW).

AFP reports that after the article, cases were reported in Canada, the United States, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, France, Germany, Kenya, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan.

A Belgian citizen hospitalized in Pakistan after a car accident was the first known death related to infection by the superbug.

Unlike other multi-drug resistant bugs reported during the last twenty years, NDM “brings several additional factors of deep concern for public health,” said Nordmann.

For example, scientists have determined that the NDM gene “is very mobile, hopping from one bacteria to another,” he said.


Source: Homeland Security NewsWire

Even if there is absolutely no possibility what so over that the terror drill bacteria will turned into a super bug how can anyone be certain that the species of every single pathogen in the stockpile they plan to release is the harmless version they plan to releases. Can we also trust that some crazy DoD researchers are not up to any funny genetic engineering? Recall: Leaked Pentagon Video – DOD Officials Discuss Eliminating Islam Religion By Using Virus And Vaccine To Manipulate DNA

But I suppose we should just trust them because they say they need to release this in Boston as part of biological attack terror drill to assess the government’s capability to detect and track the biological agent as well as respond to such a crisis should a harmful agent ever be released.

You know the same kind of biological weapons they said Iraq had before we invaded them to stop them from releasing them on the public. Oops, that was Iraq’s nuclear, biological and chemical weapons were another lie fabricated by the same people that are asking us to trust them to release a biological weapon on the public.

From the Intel Hub.

Live Bacteria to be Released by Homeland Security In Supposed Terror Drill Leaves Startling Unanswered Questions

The Department of Homeland Security plans to release a literal live bacteria on Boston area subways “sometime” this summer in what they have dubbed a terrortest.

The release of the bacteria bacillus subtilis in Boston subways to test bio weapon sensors is apparently a non event with the corporate media claiming that the bacteria is completely harmless to healthy people.

One major question has literally gone unanswered and ignored in every corporate media report on the tests.

If the bacteria is harmless to healthy people (and some evidence has shown that bacillus subtilis can cause miscarriages) what will happen to unhealthy people who may or may not be riding the subway the night this terror drill occurs?

Many transients and other people that would be considered unhealthy generally ride the subway in the late hours of the night. Will they be harmed by this live bacteria release?

Another major question that has been brought up by many is how are we supposed to simply believe that this is what is being released when homeland security has a long history of lying? What about the fact that numerous terror drills have suddenly gone live?

Sticking with their tried and true mantra of ignoring the American people and giving them as little details as possible, (which significantly contributes to speculation as to what their true intentions really are) specifics as to when this release will take place and what harmless to healthy people actually means has not been released by homeland security.

When you consider the fact that the U.S. government has tested bio weapons on the populace numerous times, with the corporate media largely ignoring the dangers posed to Americans nationwide, this test should at least raise suspicions.

It is absolutely paramount that we do not let DHS just say they are going to do a live terror drill and then not give the citizens of this supposed free country real information in regards to what they actually plan to do.

Citizens in the area are encouraged to attend the public hearing and calmly demand more information.

You can listen to the corporate news report here. Notice how the reporters and “experts” ignore the obvious questions and concerns and instead opt to broadcast a soviet style propaganda piece.

Of course YOU can trust the government all YOU want, but the bottom line here is that this drill is being done in the name of national security.

That certainly gives no one comfort, since anything done in the name of national security is conducted under a complete veil of secrecy and should people start to mysteriously die and get sick after this “drill” there will be absolutely no accountability because the US Federal Courts and more Disturbingly the supreme court has a proven track record of throwing out cases when the national security card is played.

Perhaps more disturbing is the legislation allows the release of lethal biological and chemical agents on the public when it is critical to national security.

What the hell does national security even mean anymore and does it even matter? Its not like our government follows the law anyway, because the only punishment for crimes – if you can even get a court to allow you press charges in the first place – is a civil penalty, e.g. a fine and monetary settlement which gets paid for by the taxpayers anyway.

In any case, as the legislation linked to above has been updated as of January 3rd this year, conveniently right after the notorious NDAA was put into effect, here is the full text of the actual legislation from the United States House of Representatives website to read for yourself.

Forget everything I Wrote: Read The Legislation And Judge For Yourself.


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