DHS Lands Helicopter On Lawn Of Agent Turned Whistleblower


A former DHS agent turned whistle-blower reveals the shocking details of 50+ investigations  recounting how a black helicopter landing in her front lawn during to raid on her home.

Via:The Pete Santilli Show

The theme of today’s show is “whistle blower”. Pete opens the show by re-broadcasting an Infowars.com interview with Julia Davis who was retaliated against for her whistle blowing while an employee of the Department of Homeland Security. Ms. Davis revealed shocking details of her 50+ investigations, a black helicopter landing in her front lawn during a raid on her home, as well as the resulting death of her father from the trauma.

Pete calls upon all corporate and government employees who have knowledge of criminal or fraudulent activity in the workplace to become whistle blowers. He also advises people to take the appropriate measures to protect themselves, and also offers to assist any whistle blower who contacts him. Santilli describes specific procedures that people need to take in order to ensure the integrity of critical evidence and information.

Throughout the episode, Pete covers news events, exposes US Senate & Congressmen/women enrolled as bonafide Socialists, as well as discusses his upcoming episode on Sunday July 30th when he will demand courage of our popular leaders.

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