DHS Detains, Threatens To Jail Journalists Filming RNC TSA Pat Downs

Independent journalists filming Unconstitutional TSA pat downs were detained and threatened with imprisonment for 72 hours if they refused to show credentials.

Activists and independent journalists from the Houston Free Thinkers were detained and threatened with imprisonment for 72 hours if they refused to show papers after they were spotted filming Unconstitutional TSA pat downs.

Via Houston Free Thinkers

The Houston Free Thinkers media team has been in Tampa Bay, Florida reporting on the Republican National Convention since Saturday morning.

We have documented Paul Fest, protests, interviewed activists, presidential candidates, and more. The majority of our experience has been pleasant, with the police officers respecting protesters rights, and not inhibiting free speech.

While doing a walk through the downtown Tampa area we noticed something interesting. The TSA was searching citizens who chose to travel by way of Greyhound bus.

We stopped to film this violation of free citizens rights and while doing so noticed we were being filmed by the Department of Homeland Security Federal Protective Services. So we began filming in return and decided to cross the street to get a closer look.

The DHS officers demanded “papers, please!” and under the threat of detainment for 72 hours we relented. Make no mistake the officers were violating the rights of free sovereign people.

Also take notice of the fact that the officers declared the entire street and essentially the entire state of Florida federal property.

As our livestream died, Micah Jackson continued filming.

Here is our follow up video on the incident.

Every single day this country marches further towards fascism. It is past time we stand up and begin reclaiming our freedom everyday. There are a myriad of ways to begin doing this.

Start a garden, start a skill share, teach free classes, begin encouraging local businesses to be involved in barter networks, find ways to offer alternatives to government programs so we can give the community more power.

We can and will survive what is coming, however only when we are FREE in our mind and body will we truly thrive.

Please continue to follow our ustream and check out our other videos.

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