DHS Caught Hacking U.S. Election System

The U.S. DHS has been caught trying to hack Georgia’s election system after weeks of blaming Russia.

The Secretary of State is demanding an explanation from the Department of Homeland Security after they were caught trying to hack the state's election system.

The Secretary of State is demanding an explanation from the Department of Homeland Security after they were caught trying to hack the state’s election system.

Remember all of that Fake news before the election about Russia trying to hack the U.S. election?

Well tonight the State of Georgia has revealed a cyber security firm they hired detected attempts to hack their voting system, not by Russia, but from the United State’s very own Department of Homeland Security.

Of course, DHS hacking operations fall under the purview of the National Security Agency  and as such Georgia’s Secretary of State has sent a letter the DHS copying several U.S Senators and members of Congress, asking why the agency violated Federal law and tried to hack into the states election System.

So once again, the claims that Russia tried to hack our election systems is looking to be like more “fake news” from our government and the corporate media.

Just like the Fake News about Trump having a secret server communicating with Russia which was quickly debunked by HNN and then by several cyber-security researchers including Robert Graham of Errata Security which even Snopes was force to admit it was untrue.

Or more notably how Hillary Clinton claimed during the debates the 17 intelligence agencies stated Russia hacked the U.S. election systems and was behind the WikiLeaks emails when in fact there was only a single joint statement issued by the State Department and the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

Despite the media uproar there was a near complete blackout of when the State Department walked away from the claim which followed by James Clapper admitting in his resignation letter a week later that U.S. Intelligence Agencies do know how Wikileaks got their information or if they got from Russia or somewhere else. Even Obama has stated there was no evidence our election system was penetrated.

Despite the recanting of the accusations the liberal media continued to run with the story with the Washington Post even writing a viral article about Russia’s hacking being behind a massive fake news conspiracy.

Now even The Washington Post has now change their story after representing it as fact and their source as credible and now admit they can’t vouch for their source and the story might be fake.

Early tonight a Fox news anchor asked the Ranking member the House Intelligence Committee who has been spreading fake news about Russian hacking on Prime Time television to look into the Camera and state on the record that there was proof that Russia was behind the Election hacks.

After being pressed to do so several times the Congressman refused to and instead accused the anchor of being a Russian agent telling him he will have to move his show over to a Russian network.

Of course the corporate media is trying to spin the revelations from Georgia claiming the DHS most likely just tried to hack the system due to the heightened paranoia surrounding the hype over Russian Hacking.

However the DHS has only so far officially stated they will look into the matter.

From Zero hedge:

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is anxiously wondering, as are we, why someone with a Department Of Homeland Security IP address would try to hack into his State’s voter registration database.  Even though DHS offered cyber security help to states prior to the election, the Wall Street Journal notes that Georgia was one of the states that specifically denied assistance.

The secretary of state of Georgia is asking the Department of Homeland Security to explain what appears to be an attempted breach of the state’s voter registration database by someone in the federal government.

In a letter to Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson dated Thursday, Georgia’s Secretary of State Brian Kemp said the state had discovered an unsuccessful attempt to breach the firewall of state computer systems. That attempt was linked to an IP address associated with DHS, he said.

“At no time has my office agreed to or permitted DHS to conduct penetration testing or security scans of our network,” wrote Mr. Kemp, a Republican. “Moreover, your department has not contacted my office since this unsuccessful incident to alert us of any security event that would require testing or scanning of our network.”

The alleged attempted intrusion by the federal government on a state computer system responsible for election security was detected by a third-party security firm working for the state of Georgia. The attempt was unsuccessful, according to the state. The computers also house information about company incorporations.

According to a letter written by Kemp to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, the attempted intrusion occurred 1 week after the election on November 15, 2016 at 8:43AM and came from an IP address associated with DHS (


Of course, since the hacking a state’s election database it technically illegal, even for DHS, Kemp had some fairly pointed questions for Johnson on who authorized the scan and how many other states were scanned without authorization.



Meanwhile, the potential hacking followed threats from Jeh Johnson leading up to election day to declare election systems “critical infrastructure” which would have given the federal government more authority over state databases.

The Department of Homeland Security made a major push in advance of November’s elections to help states secure election systems against possible hacking, as fears of foreign interference in the U.S. election process reached a fever pitch in the months leading up to Election Day.

The department also considered declaring election systems “critical infrastructure,” which would have given the federal government additional authority to protect the systems. DHS didn’t take that step, however, as many states expressed concern about additional federal authority over their election systems and said the constitution provided states the right to run their own elections.

As a result of some of the concerns, the department clarified that assistance on election-related security matters was voluntary and encouraged states to take advantage of DHS resources and expertise to help secure state election systems.

“DHS assistance is strictly voluntary and does not entail regulation, binding directives, and is not offered to supersede state and local control over the process,” Mr. Johnson, the DHS chief, said in September.

Georgia was one of the states that had declined the federal government’s assistance for election security, citing state sovereignty. “Right now, we’re just demanding answers,” said David Dove, a top aide to the Georgia secretary of state. “My boss, Secretary Kemp, has been a very vocal critic of the Department of Homeland Security declaring election systems critical infrastructure.”

After all the talk about Russian hackers, wouldn’t it be just perfect if it turns out that the Obama administration was the only group to actually attempt to illegally hack into a state election database?  That said, we won’t hold our breath waiting for Jill Stein and disaffected Hillary supporters to express their outrage over this incident.

Via Zero Hedge


Brian Kemp’s full letter can be viewed below:

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