DHS Ammunition Purchases Approach 1.5 Billion Rounds For The Year

DHS ammunition purchases for the year approach 1.5 billion rounds with the latest including bullets for expert domestic law enforcement snipers.

The previous record for DHS ammo purchases was a little more than 500,000 rounds which occurred in the run-up to the 2008 financial collapse which WikiLeaks cables show the government knew was coming since 2007.

With DHS ammo purchases in the last 6 months along now at nearly 3 times the previous record set in 2008 the question is what are they preparing for?

Of course we could be looking at far more than 1.5 billion rounds, because the DHS notably made a 750,000 round purchase and a 450,000 round purchase which sparked such public outcry that the DHS actually took the unprecedented step of redacting a following ammunition purchase to keep secret the specifics on the purchase.

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