Demand Japan End The Cover Up Of Extremely High Radiation In The Pacific Ocean


Q: If the levels of radiation in the fish and seawater are truly safe then why is Japan refusing to allow independent radiation tests and marine monitoring?

A: Japan is covering up extremely high levels of radiation in the Pacific Ocean being released from the Fukushimi nuclear power plant.

Help put pressure on Japanese officials to end the cover up and allow independent radiation monitoring of the seawater so the true levels of radiation can be identified and tracked before radioactive seafood ends up on our dinner plates.

I previously reported that Japan covered up the fact that levels of radiation were 7.5 million times legal limits before they dumped over 3 million gallons of radioactive waste into the Pacific ocean. Since then they have continued to dump millions of gallons radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean in the battle to bring the Fukushima crisis to an end.

Japan Nuclear Fallout Radioactive Seawater Plume March 28

Japan Nuclear Fallout – Radioactive Seawater Plume March 28

Despite reassurances from Japan and even the US Government that fish, with levels of radiation 2400% above FDA legal limits, are safe to eat the truth is official from both nations are worried more about generating tax dollars today than preventing us from dying tomorrow.

For example, previously posted a petition to demand Japan withdrawal their inhumane decision to force 20mSv of radiation on children.

As a result of over 800 organizations and over 34,000 individuals who signed the petition here and elsewhere a top Japanese nuclear official resigned in a tearful protest during which he accused Japan of disobeying the law and stated there was no point in maintaining his post if his recommendations and the laws are not being followed.

We are now asking you continue with your efforts to protect the people of Japan and the world by demanding Japan allow independent radiation monitoring to find the true levels of radiation being released into the Pacific ocean from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Japan has recently blocked Greenpeace from conducting independent marine monitoring and we need the public to pressure officials to allow testing to be conducted.

To continue the public pressure Greenpeace is requesting that you send a tweet to pressure Japan into allowing the Greenpeace ships into Japanese water’s to conduct independent tests. Please send this message far and wide as the health and safety of millions depends on getting truthful radiation tests and tracking the spread of the radioactive water throughout the Pacific.

If you remain silent, this will eventually make its way onto you very own dinner plate.

Ask Japan’s government to allow independent radiation monitoring

The Japanese Government is blocking us from carrying out crucial radiation monitoring within the country’s 12 mile territorial waters. Tell Japan’s Prime Minister that independent monitoring of radioactive ocean pollution is in everyone’s best interest.

If you prefer to write your own Twitter message:

  • Messages should go to @JPN_PMO
  • Please include the hashtag #rw-japan so we can keep track of how many people send messages.
  • Please be polite!  This is really important.

Background information

Letter from Greenpeace’s International Executive Director, Kumi Naidoo, to the Prime Minister of Japan

Your Excellency Prime Minister Kan,

On behalf of Greenpeace and all of it supporters around the world I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to you and all of the people of Japan in this time of crises. The world has been moved by the dignity, courage and strength of the Japanese people in the face of extreme adversity. At this time when many brave and dedicated Japanese people struggle to bring the Fukushima nuclear complex under control we are grateful for your government’s prompt handling of our request for our flagship, the Rainbow Warrior, to be permitted to carry out radiation monitoring off the Fukushima coast. I understand that such a request would normally take many months to process and interpret your expeditious approval as recognition of the important role that Greenpeace can play in providing the public with independent information on levels of radioactive contamination.

However, the refusal to allow research on sea life, sediment and sea water in Japanese waters inside Japan’s 12 mile limit, will seriously reduce the effectiveness of the research and the level of information that can be provided to the public. I respectfully appeal to you to personally intervene to allow us to help Japanese people by providing full independent scientific information.

In the immediate wake of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster an international group of Greenpeace radiation experts led by Greenpeace Japan staff carried out land based monitoring and research. All results have been published on-line. Our findings have been appreciated by local officials and members of public. However to get a more complete picture of the effects of radiation, marine based monitoring is vital.

Our teams carried out radiation monitoring on land outside the 30km mandatory evacuation zone around the Fukushima nuclear plant; mapping surface contamination and testing contamination in food and milk. Our findings were later confirmed by the authorities, who proceeded to take the necessary actions. It is important at this time to provide independent and transparent information to the Japanese people. Greenpeace stands ready to offer our full solidarity and to complement the efforts of the Japanese government and Japanese civil society to protect people’s health and livelihoods. We would be more than happy to further collaborate with the Japanese government, academics and civil society to be able to stand together with the people of Japan at this time, and having the Rainbow Warrior at hand will help in this process. We look forward to your favourable response to this appeal.

Yours sincerely,
Kumi Naidoo
Executive Director,
Greenpeace International

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