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By Avalon 

Originally Published on May 15th, 2011

So, you think you have rights? Do you really have rights that are honored and respected, or are your Rights something that you must constantly fight to protect and have respected? The former is more likely to be the real truth – accept or not at your peril.

We are in a Coup d’état via a Corporate Fascist Technocracy ruled by an Oligarchic Global Government.

When the United States was founded, the Founding Fathers created a constitution and argued over whether to create a Bill of Rights.

Having suffered from the oppression and tyranny of the English Crown for decades in the New American Colonies, they believed that explicit fundamental Rights were to be included as part of our society.

One has to wonder these days if the average person even knows what the Bill of Rights are. Maybe once in awhile, a reading of the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence are in order.

So, you think you have right… You think these rights are granted…

The cost of Liberty is a never ending battle and this FACT was recognized by our Founding Fathers.

One only has to look at the course of events that took place recently in Canada at the G20 Meeting and recall that these same events took place during the G20 Meeting in Philadelphia. What is the common element?

The hubris and arrogance that these sadistic sociopaths employ to smash and destroy your rights with no accountability is astounding.

The contempt these power mad people must have for you ‘commoners’ – to them you’re nothing. You won’t and can’t do anything about their abuses of power.

This is obvious due to their grip of control through the compartmentalized Military Structure of our Police State Forces, having been engineered to do just what they are now doing – acting as agents of destruction of our Basic Rights.

A new film produced by Dan Dicks of Press for Truth is now available and is one of the best documentaries available that describes the events that took place at the G20 Meeting in Canada.

Anyone who’s still in denial regarding the Tyrannical Elitist Takeover or our Police Forces, including the Police themselves must be delusional.

Into The Fire

Burn copies and hand them out to your friends, family members and total strangers!

World leaders and activists from around the world gathered for the G20 summit. With over 19,000 police officers and security personal on hand the results lead to over 1100 arrests, martial law in downtown Toronto and the most massive violation of civil liberties in Canadian history.

Into The Fire
The whole world is watching
Directed by Dan Dicks
Produced by Steven Davies, Bryan Law and Dan Dicks


Into The Fire
Press for Truth
Press For Truth interviews Allan Gotlieb on the North American Union

Allan Gotlieb is the North American Deputy Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, he was the Canadian ambassador to the US from 1981 to 1989 and he is also a Rhodes Scholar and Bilderberg attendee. Gotlieb was instrumental in the signing of the FTA.

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