Death Of Democracy: GOP Party Bosses Seize Complete Control Of Selecting Candidates

Death Of Democracy: GOP Party Bosses Seize Complete Control Of Selecting Candidates


GOP corruption is televised on national TV in front of millions of viewers as party bosses are fraudulently given complete control of selecting candidates.

The fundamental cornerstone of the American republic has been completely destroyed by the Republican party yesterday as millions watch on national television.

In a last minute ditch effort to prevent Ron Paul from being considered for Presidential nomination the RNC adopted new rules that give GOP party bosses complete control to select the candidate for President.

These rules were pushed through yesterday even as millions watched on TV as the GOP corruption was televised on national TV.

Anger At Convention Over GOP Corruption – Millions Watch On TV As Boehner Puts The Motion Into Effect Claiming It Was Without Objection

Boehner puts the GOP power grabbing motion into effect claiming the Ayes have it without object. The video clearly shows this is not the case as the when he asks for the stadium is filled with a loud roar of no votes when he asked for them.

Top comments:

  1. This is absolutely deplorable. I would not be surprised if after November, all this obvious vote rigging doesn’t come back in the form of riots, violence, and organized political dissent. This is the kind of blatant manipulation that in most other countries would start civil war.
  2. This a video of the death of the GOP. Now that the party is no longer conservative, constitutional, or supports freedom…….the true conservatives, who are not warmongers, dont support the mega bank criminals, the people on wall street and care about the rights of the citizen, will leave the GOP. Time for a political party that is not “owned” by the elites.

Traditionally the selection of the candidates has been done though by holding a series of popular votes which chose delegates to vote for a particular candidate.

Then those delegates, selected through the series of popular votes nationwide,  would hold a final vote to nominate a President.

In short, the new rules adopted by the GOP allow party bosses to replace the delegates chosen by popular vote to participate in he national election with delegates of the party bosses choice.

As we saw in the nomination of Mitt Romney at the RNC party bosses in several states decided they supported Romney and not Paul hence Paul’s delegates were replaced with those who supported Romney.

Furthermore, even Paul delegates that were outright not replaced had their votes and their objections ignored as millions watch the vote on national television yesterday.

While many may think the rules changes are only about Ron Paul, and since they don’t support Ron Paul they are turning a blind eye, they are mistaken.

Effectively this means from now on the popular vote, ie the grassroots, can be entirely ignored and party bosses will have complete power to nominate candidates.

While the new rules did prevent Ron Paul from being selected as a candidate for nomination yesterday they also will affect all future nominations and that presents a huge problem.

Concentrating the power to nominate candidates into the hands of a few party bosses opens the entire process up to corruption.

Here’s a report from the LA Times on the the power grab, which waters down the horrendous news simply writing it off as ‘moves to lower Ron Paul’s delegate count’ and incorrectly reports many facts (for one saying Paul didn’t win a state and for two claiming this was just about lowering the maine delegate count when Pauls’ delegates have been purged in 8 states )

Ron Paul supporters walk out of GOP convention

TAMPA, Fla. — Ron Paul supporters at the Republican National Convention erupted in fury Tuesday over decisions that weakened their delegate count and other rule changes that will make it harder for non-establishment candidates in future elections.

Several members of the Maine delegation walked out of the Tampa Bay Times Forum after the convention affirmed the GOP’s decision to replace 10 of Maine’s 24 delegates.

“It’s a disgusting, disgusting display of a hostile takeover from the top down,” said Ashley Ryan, 21, a Maine delegate. “It’s an embarrassment.”

Paul did not win a single state, but his ardent followers worked arcane local and state party rules to take over several state delegations, including garnering 20 of Maine’s 24 spots. The RNC decided to replace 10 of them, effectively stopping the state from being able to submit Paul’s name for nomination. (In response, the state’s Republican governor, a Romney supporter, decided to boycott the convention.)

[…]But the decision to not seat the original Maine delegation, and the approval of rules that will make it harder for grass-roots-fueled candidates in the future, caused an uproar in the handful of state delegations dominated by Paul supporters, as well as some others that are concerned about the GOP centralizing power in the hands of a few and taking it away from the states.

Wiselot Rouzard, a delegate from Nevada and a Paul supporter, compared the situation to Adolf Hitler taking power in Germany.

“There’s nothing American about what just happened,” he said. “This is the death of the Republican Party.”

As the roll call of states commenced, several states listed votes for both Romney and Paul. When repeating back the count, those at the podium cited only the Romney votes.

Source: The LA Times

Here’s more:

 RNC Shuts Out Grassroots Despite Loud Opposition

While some think that the rules adoptions at the Republican National Convention was all about Ron Paul, they are mistaken.


by Tim Brown

While some think that the rules adoptions today was all about Ron Paul, they are mistaken. Cynthia Kennedy reported in two stories that the RNC were setting up last minute rule changes to go into effect before the nomination process. As a result, the party overwhelmingly voted for Mitt Romney to represent the party, but they also approved rules that will effectively stifle the voices of any and all grassroots efforts in the Republican party in the future.

Before things started today on the convention floor columnist Michelle Malkin Tweeted:


Later on as things were developing and the RNC was pushing through their power grab via the head RINO, Speaker of the House John Boehner and John Sununu, they didn’t even try to differentiate between the yes and no votes. Personally, I think either Boehner had one too many drinks or needed his ears cleaned or both. Because even on C-Span you could hear there was significant dissent.

On top of that the RNC would not seat the Maine delegates and that brought about chants of “Seat them now!” However, at several tweets indicated that some convention people were to chant “USA!” in order to drown out dissent.

Michelle Malkin reports,

Update 2:50pm Eastern…The Rules Committee just voted 78-14 to accept the Romney-approved deal on Rules 15(16) and 12. There is now an effort to gather enough signatures to force a floor vote on the minority report. 25 percent of committee members are needed.

Apparently, the Virginia delegation was stuck on a bus and didn’t make it in time for the vote.

Update 3:34pm Eastern Dissidents have until 3:47pm Eastern to gather enough signatures to force the floor vote, according to right-leaning Examiner’s Tim Carney, who is on scene. Left-leaning BuzzFeed’s Zeke Miller, also on scene, says it appears dissidents have gathered enough signatures for minority report on Rule 12, but not yet on Rule 15(16).

Carney says that Drew McKissck has emailed a minority report to RNC leaders within the rules deadline…


Update: 4:34pm Eastern Well, that was…something else. First, Maine delegates were replaced with Romney people. Then, rules chairman John Sununu and GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner stood on stage at the RNC to rule on the compromise rules report. No minority report was mentioned. When asked for yeas and nays on the report, the room seemed equally divided. Boehner forged ahead and approved the report over loud boos and calls of “point of order” from activists on the floor.

No vote on the minority report.

FW’s Dean Clancy observes: “If @SpeakerBoehner had been wielding the Speaker’s gavel instead of the GOP convention gavel, he wouldn’t have gotten away with that trick.”

And the show went on…GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn just declared that “this has been a great exercise in grass-roots” and that GOP stands for “Great Opportunity Party.”

So my friends, if you are in the Tea Party or a supporter of Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul or anyone else in the future that the establish does not want nominated, too bad for you. You’ll get exactly whom they say and you’ll have no voice in it. Things were bad, but now they took a major nose dive. Even Romney supporters said it was bad, like Morton Blackwell, whom i was told was unable to make his case before the committee regarding the RNC power grab because security held him and his bus up. Isn’t that just perfect?

Romney took the nomination with a total of 2061 votes. Should he be elected this year, he will also determine who the delegates are in 2016. That’s right, grassroots people will no longer have a say in the matter.

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A final commentary:

After following the GOP nomination I am now firmly of the belief that Ron Paul has shown he does not deserve to be President. He let little weasels in suits commit fraud and rule breaking throughout the nomination process and did nothing to stick up for his followers who were fighting so hard on his behalf.

If Ron Paul was such a pussy during a presidential election in the face of shady politicians, I could only imagine how much he would cower and be pushed around in the face of rogue foreign leaders talking his kindness as weakness.

While Paul’s followers have shown for years they are not afraid to fight what is morally right I am disgusted about what happened yesterday.

Paul’s elected delegates are even bigger pussies than Paul himself.

They dare claim they are patriots and defenders of liberty yet they stood by idly as few weaselly politicians decided at the last moment to change the rules and effectively killing the entire process of  democracy.

Yes they made a loud commotion but the stood idle while doing so as the GOP subverted the entire democratic process.

Paul’s delegates were elected not only to support Ron Paul but to protect democracy and liberty and they let the entire country down by failing to act. The GOP handed the democratic process a death sentence during a live nationally televised event.

Instead they chose to do nothing more than scream and moan little bitches while GOP party bosses shoved it up not only their asses but the asses of Americans across they country

Patriots and defenders of liberty do not just stand by and watch as democracy is murdered in front of their very eyes.

Clearly violence is not the answer by civil disobedience was certainly called for at this point.

Instead, they were nothing more than cheerleaders standing on the sidelines and taking no action.


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