Hillary Campaign Smears NYC Mayor as a “Terrorist” For Refusing Endorsement – WikiLeaks Podesta Email

De Blasio Attacked as being a “Terrorist” by Hillary Campaign Because He Supported Bernie’s Position on Income Inequality

In a Podesta leak published in the 17th batch of emails by WikiLeaks, Hillary staffer’s discuss bringing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on board with the campaign.

However, like Al Gore before him, De Blasio refused to endorse because Hillary wouldn’t stand up against income inequality.

De Blasio’s refusal results in a series of  emails in which he is smeared as terrrist “Terrorist” that “clearly wants to terrorize.”

As everyone in the NYC metro area knows there has been a relentless smear campaign against De Blasio and these emails appear to reveal the reason why.

In an exchange of emails Hillary campaing staffer’s discuss De Blasio’s tweet’s in which he says he is not ready to endorse Hillary.

@Azi <https://twitter.com/Azi>* attending @HillaryClinton ’s rally?

Bill de Blasio: “No .. I’m waiting to hear … her larger vision to addressing income inequality.

In the next tweet Azi calls out Bill for supporting Bernie:


“I’ve always liked what i heard from Bernie Sanders” — @BilldeBlasio>.

In response to the exchange on Twitter Hillary staffer Robby Mook writes in the email:

Robby Mook wrote:

Wow. What a terrorist

To which Jennifer Palmieri  responded:

Told you!

After which Huma Abedin responds:

Can we talk about calling him?

That question is responded to by Mook using the re47@hillaryclinton.com address:

A few years ago the word terrorist might be taken less lightly.

However, in the high-stress post-9/11 world we live being accused of being a terrorist is nothing to take lightly.

For example, the NDAA allows for constitutional rights to be entirely suspended.

Accused terrorists can be force disappeared to a CIA black site and tortured.

Now you might think it would be quite a stretch to make such an association here.

However, after reading thousands of WikiLeaks Podesta emails there is a pattern of behavior here.

The emails show that the Clinton’s do not forget their friends.

The emails also show that the Clinton’s make their enemies lives a living hell.

This same pattern is exhibited in the exchange above and when someone is not with Hillary they are against Hillary.

Needless to say anyone, living in the New York Metro area anyone  can search online for De Blasio.

What they will find is a constant stream of non-stop and endless smears.

This is consistent with the treatment of others that have refused to go along with the #ImWithHer mantra.

I would not be surprised if attacks against De Blasio were related to this exact conversation.

What is more disturbing is this is the behavior of Hillary as un-elected official.

She already has a firewall around her that includes the corporate media, the FBI, the corrupt Establishment Political Machine, the State Department, Lobbyists, Foreign Donors and Wall Street crooks.

Imagine what will happen when she becomes President and augments here firewall with the Supreme Court.

And I’ll leave one one last argument for those who are afraid to go to WikiLeaks themselves.

Why is it you are afraid?

Because visiting that site might put you on the government’s radar as a potential terrorist?

That visiting the site might cause your IP address and name to end up in some database flagging your internet activity as suspicious?

Don’t say this is conspiracy.

If Edward Snowden sacrificed his life for anything it was to teach us this lesson.

As Snowden revealed, the government is sucking up the traffic of the entire internet and storing it in NSA’s own private cloud.

The government then uses X-KeyScore at will to target anyone they wish at their will.

Have I made my point?

This all manifested under the watchful eye of Obama and Clinton, who was Secretary of State and oversaw all of these programs.

Have I still not made my point?

Despite the reasons, if you don’t want to go to WikiLeaks to read these for yourself here’s the original email, provided hear so next time you may at least feel comfortable reading the email here.





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