Days Later: US Newspapers Run Graphic Photos Of Libya Ambassador

Days Later: US Newspapers Run Graphic Photos Of Libya Ambassador

1Newspapers nationwide run graphic photos of the murdered U.S. Ambassador to Libya who was reportedly raped and lynched by Islamic extremists.

As the violence continues to flare in the Middle East news outlets that originally paid little attention to the murder of U.S. Ambassador Stephens is now the top headline nationwide.

The unfolding story that was originally reported as a spontaneous rocket-propelled-grenade being fired at a protest following the setting of the Benghazi consulate on fire has morphed into several new dimensions.
First came revelations from US intelligence officials stating they had knowledge the attack was planned in advanced.
Then came revelations of evidence the ambassador was actually captured by the same terrorists he helped put into power who tortured and lynched him and 3 other Americans as Libya security forces stood by and watched.

Just last night reports out of the Middle East surfaced claiming the Ambassador was sexually raped and sodomized before he was murdered.

As the story continued to unfold it has become the central focus of news outlets across America as President Obama has announced the deployment of warships and elite marines vowing justice for the attacks.
Meanwhile the US embassies in Yemen and Egypt were attacked over night following yesterday’s protests in Cairo where Muslim Brotherhood members and Islamic Jihadist leaders call for a million man march in Egypt against the US.

As the tensions flare up newspapers are going back on their original statements that they would not run graphic photos.

Here’s what people across America and in some international locations woke up to on the front page of morning papers days after the original attack.












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