Days After Tar Balls Hit New York Beach Massive Fish Kills Stretch From New Jersey to Massachusetts


On August 5th I wrote about tar balls with the consistency of those being found from the BP Spill in the Gulf being found on a Long Island, NY beach.

Tar balls are now being found washing up at Lookout Point Beach in Long Island New York according to video just posted on YouTube.

Here are some screen shots from the video.

Tar Balls Collected From Beach In New York

Tar Balls Collected From Beach In New York

Tar Balls Possibly From BP Gulf Oil Spill Wash Up On New York Beach

Tar Balls Collected From Beach In New York

Tar Balls Collected From Beach In New York

Collection Of Tar Balls Found On New York Beach Possibly From BP Gulf Oil Spill

Clearly these tar balls are much more fresh and less weathered than the ones I found and the emulsified consistency is very similar to the light Louisiana sweet crude most commonly found all along the coast although I should point out that heavier black asphalt like tar balls have also been found from the BP Oil Spill.

TAR BALLS HIT NEW YORK BEACH ?? – bp oil gulf 1 of 2

TAR BALLS HIT NEW YORK BEACH ?? – bp oil gulf 2 of 2

In that same post I also pointed out that I found hundreds of tar balls on Windward Beach in Brick NJ along with the similarities between reports of deep sea life usually not found in shallow waters flocking to the coast in the Gulf to reports of unusual shark sightings in shallow waters in the Northeast from the Jersey Shore all the way up to Cape Cod.

Now just days after I posted that article there are now reports of tens of thousands of dead fish along miles of beaches from stretching from Delaware Bay NJ all the way to Massachusetts.

CBS 3 KYW out of Philadelphia reports on the thousands of fish washing up along miles of NJ beaches.

Tens of thousands of dead fish have washed ashore along the Delaware Bay in southern New Jersey.

State environmental and wildlife officials say it’s not yet clear what killed the fish, which appear to exclusively small menhaden, also known as peanut bunker.

The wash-up, discovered Wednesday morning, encompassed a large stretch of the shoreline just north of Cape May. The heaviest amounts were in an area of Middle Township known as Pierce’s Point.

New Jersey’s Bureau of Marine Water Monitoring reviewed results of water samples taken Wednesday by federal environmental officials and found no indication of toxic phytoplankton species, such as red tide.

Not surprisingly the thousands of dead fish in found along miles of beaches in Massachusetts were blamed on low levels of oxygen within hours of their discovery reports local news station ABC 6.

Posted: Aug 09, 2010 11:09 AM EDT

A fish kill occurred Monday morning in the area of West Island/Sconticut Neck in Fairhaven.

Fairhaven Harbormaster Dave Darmofal told ABC6 that thousands of menhaden fish were discovered in the Balsam Street, Nelson Ave area about 8AM this morning.

State officials are investigating, and at the moment officials are speculating a loss of oxygen in the water is to blame.

Updated: Aug 09, 2010 3:45 PM EDT

UPDATE: The Division of Marine Fisheries has determined that this fish kill (several thousand fish) was caused by a lack of dissolved oxygen in the estuary where they washed in from.

The fish kill involved only one species, Menhaden, which commonly expire in hot weather and enclosed embayments.

-From the Mass. Department of Environmental Management

First tar balls In NJ and New York.

The several species of sharks found swimming in shallow waters from NJ up to Massachusetts.

Now massive fish kills in the North East stretching from NJ to NY and Massachusetts and in all locations life long residents say they have never seen anything like this.

Are these all just coincidence?

The similarities and the timing between these events and the events occurring throughout the Gulf of Mexico should prompt officials to take a closer look and find the real cause of these incidents.

Instead we see Massachusetts officials declaring the fish kill was due from lack of oxygen within hours without doing any tests and NJ officials ignoring reports of tar balls on the beaches.

More videos of fish kills in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia and Mississippi in last week.

August 4th Fish Kill in Biloxi Mississippi.


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