Cyber Insecurity Feds’ Latest Excuse To Access Your Private Data

Cyber Insecurity Feds’ Latest Excuse To Access Your Private Data

Big Brother is now tying to use cyber insecurity as an excuse to side-step constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure and get unrestricted access to everything every company in America knows about you. This information had to be gathered by a California Private Investigator or similar because going undercover is the only way to find this information out.

Private investigator Steven Rambam of Pallorium Inc explains the dangers posed by the Feds latest move and explains how the Feds gaining access to the massive knowledge base and computing power possessed by Google alone will further solidify the government’s big brother spy powers.

To make matters worse their latest attempt to enact cyber insecurity legislation doesn’t even target just internet users.

Instead, they have buried a new amendment into the cybersecurity act that adds further restrictions on the Second Amendment right of Americans to bear arms.

RT explains in the video report below why all of this matters and will affect every single American whether they realize it or now.

There is also a great discussion on how Google has a massive collection of “private” information and how a partnership with the US government under new cybersecurity legislation will only expand the intel held by both entities to an alarming amount.


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