Corporate Media Leaks Good But Wikileaks Are Treason!

Corporate Media Leaks Good But Wikileaks Are Treason!

The US is looking to hang Wikileaks founder Julian Assange as a traitor for doing the same thing corporate media reporters win Pulitzer prizes for.

Why is that when corporate media reports leak so-called government secrets the journalists who do so win all kinds of prizes and accommodations yet when an independent person or organization, that isn’t a full-time parrot of government press releases, does the same they are branded traitors and sought out to be hung.

This is just yet another glaring example of corporate media is nothing more than an integral part of the government propaganda machine.

It’s quite revealing when you think about and just goes to show that those so-called ‘secrets’ that are reported by the corporate media are really stories purposefully leaked for propaganda purposes.

What else explains the rationale of behind the Orwellian logic that MSM media leaks are good but wiki leaks are bad?

RT discusses this issue with Kevin Gosztola in regard to the latest example of such blatant hypocrisy.

That involves the story of a high-ranking Obama official being paid by an Iranian firm for speaking in the country’s favor.

This of course is being reported by Fox News as “a premeditated program of corruption” that included bribery and corruption.

So what constitutes a leak when it involves government officials and actions and partnerships with other countries?

Why is it that no one is calling for the heads of those that leaked this information?

Perhaps its because the story was leaked purposefully with consent of the shadow masters to serve as another distraction from the really important issues.


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