Cop: ‘When The President Follows The Constitution, I Will’

Cop: ‘When The President Follows The Constitution, I Will’


A cop performing an illegal stop unlawfully detains the person stopped saying ‘When the President follows the Constitution, I Will’

Open carry stop in Whitehall Pa, I was walking down the street to get some potatoes for my dinner on the 5-27-2012 about 6:00pm.

The Whitehall PD pulled up and began asking me question’s about my name and why I am Open Carrying.

First I ask the officer if “I am being detained? ”

He tells me “No.”

Then I ask if I am “free to go”, to which he responds “No”.

By now I am telling him that I DO NOT consent to any searches and ID checks of any sort.

Then his supervisor shows up and that’s when the camera came out… THE REASON I DID THIS IS BECA– USE I AM NOT BREAKING THE LAW AND I KNEW I WASN’T.

Without the confidence in what you are doing and KNOWING wtf you are talking about.

Stops like these WILL CONTINUE TO ALL OF US.


The act of OC in Pennsylvania DOES NOT REQUIRE ID TO EXERCISE.

In-turn I am following the law to the exact definition at this time, yet here is clear evidence that it did not matter, they had no reason to stop me, and they themselves couldn’t Articulate Reasonable Suspicion of a crime.

The Supreme court, and the courts of PA, have RULED Open Carry IS LEGAL, when done in a non-threatening manner such as this.

NOW, If you strap your gun to you and go running down the street covered in blood and sweat screaming “I’ll kill the next 5 Mother Fuckers I SEE!!!” You will be stopped and questioned OBVIOUSLY, as this would NOT be a reasonable logical way to carry a firearm.

I am all by my self, listening to a I-pod walking down a street I have walked down 1,000 times b4.

The Supervisor admits to me ON VIDEO that he has dealt with me b4, So why stop me??

The Officers tell me they do not know me, again NOT a reason to stop people.

Then the Officer on my left says to me “When the President follows the Constitution, I will!”

This is prime example of the police IGNORING the laws they are SWORN to uphold.

Anyone that believes this is good, let me remind you that IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU SOMEDAY, if we don’t stop this shit.

OBVIOUS 2nd and 4th Amendment violation.

P.S. I am wearing a AK47 shirt that says “Come and Take it”

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  1. Lee
    Lee 21 July, 2015, 11:50

    This cop is an insufferable asshole and were I his chief, he would be looking for a job right now.

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