Congress To Cut Health Care For 9/11 Heroes Sickened By Toxin Cover Up

Health coverage is being threatened for first responders sickened with cancer after the EPA covered up toxins in 9/11 air.

For over nearly a decade our valiant heroes who were stricken with cancer after 9/11 were repeatedly refused health care coverage for cancer and other ailments they suffered from the toxins in the Manhattan air and surrounding rubble.

It wasn’t egregious enough these heroes risked their life and lost their own brethren when the towers collapses so the government felt it was necessary to cover up carcinogens and other toxins Manhattan air following the 9/11 attacks.
Finally the government agreed to pay for their health coverage just a few days ago.

Government Finally Admits To Cover Up Of 9/11 Cancer Toxins

Following the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings much of lower Manhattan was blanketed in dangerous toxins including massive amounts of asbestos used in the construction of the Twin Towers.

In an effort to prevent the NYC economy from collapsing government officials lied about the results of air quality tests following the attacks and covered up the presence of toxins in the air.

The media and “trusted” members of the scientific community parroted the government’s lies for years until EPA whistle blower Hugh Kaufman came forward to expose the cover up.

Even after it was revealed the government lied about the results of their air quality tests the government continued to maintain that there was no public health risk due to the toxic air.

Making matters worse is the government continued to steal data from scientists and medical professionals that proved their cover up

The government repeatedly denied coverage for health insurance claims for victims seeking treatment for numerous ailments including cancer due to their exposure to the toxic air.

Much of the scientific community and the media assisted the government in their cover up for well over a decade to deny victims the medical treatment they needed.

Now after over a 10 year-long battle the government is finally admitting that the toxins they covered up did in fact cause over 50 kinds of cancer.

But now the corrupt politicians in Congress are already moving to defund the program which would not only take away the cancer coverage but drastically cut health coverage our heroes suffered for their bravery.

From RT:


When US President Barack Obama signed his name to the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act in early 2011, he authorized the government to assist with medical bills incurred by emergency workers who have developed problems in the years since the World Trade Center was destroyed in 2001. Under automatic budget cuts expected to start next year, though, the health care program could be drastically cut short and stripped of millions of dollars in funding.

Under current plans, the automatic sequestering expected to save the country $1.2 trillion over the next ten years will do so by significantly trimming funding from the Zadroga Act. Huffington Post reports that $38 million worth of aid could be cut from the program in 2013 alone, with as much as $300 million in assistance being lost altogether over the current planned lifespan of the program.

Zadroga, a NYPD officer that responded to the Twin Towers after the attack, passed away in 2006 from illnesses he is suspected to have picked up while working in the toxic ruble after 9/11. […]

On the anniversary of the attacks only one week ago, the government added around 50 different types of cancers to the list of diseases covered under the act that now bears Zadroga’s name, but the automatic budget cuts expected to occur next year are expected to drastically defund the program and leave survivors once more scrambling to pay for medical bills and routine cancer screenings, which would otherwise be covered under the bill.

“This is unacceptable,” John Feal, a construction worker who lost half his foot at Ground Zero in the cleanup, tells Huffington Post. “This is just another slap in the face from Washington, D.C.”

“Last week, Republicans and Democrats talked about remembering 9/11 and unity all across the nation, and all that patriotic stuff, and now we’re getting this thrown on our lap,” he says.

“We just got cancer added, and we don’t even know if we have enough money for cancer, and they want to take money away from us.”

Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a state lawmaker for New York, voted against the sequester and now explains to HuffPo how Congress’ shortcut to pay the country’s bills is burdening Americans who have long been victimized.

“Nothing exemplifies this unbalanced and draconian approach to deficit reduction more than asking our heroes who have already sacrificed so much to sacrifice yet again so that Republican leadership could appease their special interests. Our 9/11 heroes who answered the call of duty should be treated with the same dignity as our veterans. We need to come together and work towards a balanced approach that keeps struggling families from sacrificing the most,” she says.


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