CNN Giving Up On News, Switching To Reality Shows?

CNN Giving Up On News, Switching To Reality Shows?

To fight ratings dropping off a cliff CNN is exploring non-news programs, reportedly reality shows, because as shown below their ‘news’ is a laughing stock.

New statistics show that ratings are down at CNN lately, meaning that the channel is no more the stronghold of the US mainstream media many Americans used to turn to when news broke.

Instead as this clip demonstrates they have been repeatedly caught up in mangled reporting.

Even worse, is instead of dealing with the real issue – dwindling credibility – they have resorted to the most bizarre tactics to keep viewers interested which again in demonstrated in laughable footage in this video clip.

So to combat they epic drop in viewership news outlets are reporting CNN will start running reality shows!

CNN for its part has confirmed it is ‘exploring the idea of running other non-fiction non-news programs on weekends’.

Is there something that they just aren’t getting? People want 24/7 credible news from CNN not infotainment.

It’s not surprising is suppose since CNN headline news doesn’t even run headline news programing anymore.

Instead every time I turn it on I see overzealous Jerry Springer style populists like Joyce Bayer ranting like a maniac.

Ouch CNN. By leaving your viewers are sending you a clear message – stop with the gimmicks and parroting of government written press releases as if they were something your ‘journalists’ wrote themselves and get back to the real reporting you used to do so, so long ago.

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