CNN Floats Idea Of US Assassinating Syria’s President Assad

Everyday America becomes more like Nazi German and Stalinist Russia with CNN openly floating the idea of the United States carrying out an assassination.

It’s a sign of the Hitler Nazi regime in the 1930′s and the Stalinist regime of the 1950′s – mass murder of civilians, indefinite detention without trial, and execution of political dissidents.

Now, America’s most “trusted” news network is openly floating the idea that the United States should once again ignore the foundation of liberty that our great nation was built upon and planting seeds into the psyche of the masses that we should murder Assad with no evidence of crimes and no due process.

Whether you agree with killing him or not this kind of reporting still is outright propaganda to build the support for a military invasion.

Just the very idea of the media considering the United States may be just assassinating someone automatically prejudices the viewer with the negative cognitive associations.

“Wow. This guy must be really bad. I don’t agree we should kill him but if they are even considering do that it really needs we need to send our Marines. If he fights, take the bastard out and if he does drag him off to a war crimes court and hang his ass.”

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