‘CNN Crew Linked With Homs Bombings’ – Is It A PsyOp?

‘CNN Crew Linked With Homs Bombings’ – Is It A PsyOp?

Activists working to expose western media lies about Syria may have just fallen for a propaganda trick that will be used to regain Syria Danny’s credibility.

The following video is about to go viral on the internet as it claims to tie a CNN Camera crew to a terrorist bombing in Homs.

However, my intuition tells me something is not right and here is what I am thinking – this video is bullshit and the footage was leaked to the Syria Truth Network on purpose.

CNN is going to come out and debunk it so they can claim the same kind of “tricks” were used in the Danny footage and regain his credibility.

As you’ll see the video however proves absolutely nothing although the Syria Truth Network was “told” what the footage was showing when footage was leaked to them.

There is no question the footage was leaked directly from the camera crew because certain clips, such as cutting of the camera to treat the cameraman have not yet been shown on TV outlets.

However, CNN will point out that most of this footage that was already shown on public TV outlets and claim that the Syria Truth Network just compiled together different out of context clips already available to the public in an attempt to discredit CNN.

CNN will then claim that the same “tricks” used in the video exposing the activist “Danny” for staging fake interviews for CNN.

Regardless of how CNN tries to spin the story after they debunk this video, the bottom line is the “Danny” video is clearly authentic.

On the other hand, anyone watching this video can clearly tell it is bullshit and was given to the Syria Truth Network so they could be discredited after putting it out in the public.

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