CNBC Owned Trying To Defend Non-Prosecution Of Goldman Sachs

CNBC Owned Trying To Defend Non-Prosecution Of Goldman Sachs

Bill Black Slams Bartiromo Over Goldman Non-Prosecution: ‘FBI Agents Were Never Even Assigned To Investigate The Case! Was A Grand Jury Even Convened?’

Watch as CNBC host Maria Bartiromo and another CNBC analyst try to defend the Department of Justice’s decision not to prosecute Goldman Sachs.

Despite their talking points they literally get owned as the points are made that the FBI was never even assigned to investigate, nor were experts who normally handle such fraud cases, nor was a grand jury ever even convened.

Finally, the analyst is forced to admit “Look if we were to prosecute Goldman Sachs for this then that would mean we would have to prosecute every single Wall Street bank that did the same exact thing” to which Maria responds “That is a good point”.

This gets Bill Black heated and he responds angrily… “NO! THAT IS NOT A GOOD POINT”.

I have to disagree with Bill Black on this one because that in my opinion she is right – All of the banks do need to be prosecuted. But that is not an excuse to let Goldman or any other bank off the hook.

Of course throughout the conversation the normal talking points are brought up that we need to just turn a blind eye on this and start rebuilding confidence in Wall Street.

Again, it was turning a blind eye on this in the first place and ever since that destroy confidence in Wall Street and until investors can feel safe that the banking cartel isn’t going to be conspiring together to defraud the public with no fear of prosecution if they get caught there will be no confidence in Wall Street.

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