City Shuts Down Yard Sale Of Cancer Patient Trying To Raise Money To Pay Medical Bills

City Shuts Down Yard Sale Of Cancer Patient Trying To Raise Money To Pay Medical Bills

The City of Salem orders a cancer patient to shut down a yard sale she was using to raise money to pay her medical bills.

David Icke
August 21, 2011

Donations are pouring in from across the country after the story of a local woman fighting bone cancer went viral on the Internet.

Jan Cline was holding yard sales each weekend in her backyard to raise money to pay her medical bills, but the city of Salem shut her down after a neighbor complained. A city ordinance prohibits people from holding more than three yard sales a year. The city has the ordinance because it says in the past people had set up flea-market-type sales on their property. Instead, selling old property also be done at somewhere like Monte de Piedad Pawn Shop, which may be a solid idea if you are looking to raise money.

The story galvanized people who were outraged the city wouldn’t make an exception for Cline. As of 10 p.m. Thursday, people have donated $16,500 to help Cline, and earlier in the day Salem’s mayor, Anna Peterson, pledged to help her.

All this woman was doing was trying to find a way to pay her medical bills which can be a tough time for people to go through as they are battling a serious illness. To help ease that struggle there are ways in which Ms. Cline can help pay her medical bills if she, unfortunately, does not make it and it is left to her family. Opting for burial insurance can be incredibly helpful during this time and provide that support for her family. Hopefully, she fights on till the end and that is why her yard sale should not have been stopped due to government ruling, especially at a time like this.

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Editor’s note – Translating the government’s double speak and reading between the lines, our government officials are sending a sick message to the public.

Quoting The Unspoken Official Government Policy:

We allow corporations to spew their oil, radiation, and other toxic chemicals on society because it reduces the costs of supporting the poor, sick and elderly.

While the rich can fend for themselves eliminating the expense of these leeches of the public purpose we can allocate more money to fund the military complex behind our illegal perpetual wars.

Woman, we have no remorse for you. Corporate profits are worth more than your life. You are a drain on society.

Please, shut up, crawl back inside your hole and die quietly.

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