CIA Bin Laden Chief: ‘US Fighting An Enemy That Doesn’t Exist’


Former CIA Bin Laden Chief exposes the lies behind government claims that terrorists are attacking the US because they hate our freedom.

Former CIA agent Michael Scheuer, who was once in charge of hunting Bin Laden, debunks US government propaganda that “Al Qaeda” and “Islamist” terrorists are waging a ware against America because they hate our freedom and they hate our way of life.

He explains how the US is fighting an enemy that does not exist.

Instead he explains the real enemies we are fighting are ones that the US has created due to military and economic involvement in nations overseas.

These people who are fighting the end of death and suffering of millions of men, woman and children in their nations are the real enemy.

This is the truth about the war on terror that the US government doesn’t want the public to know.

CIA Bin Laden Chief: ‘US Fighting An Enemy That Doesn’t Exist’

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