Chuck Norris WARNS 1000 Years Of Anti-Christ Darkness If Obama Wins


Chuck Norris is warns Christians the rel-election of Obama will start 1000 Years of Darkness as prophecized in the bible and something much worse than Socialism.

Watch: Chuck Norris warns ‘much worse than socialism… America lost forever… the start of 1000 years of Darkness’ if Obama wins.


I just took my son and daughter to their first of school and on my way home I hear my local radio station do a promo about Chuck Norris warning the 1000 years of Darkness will start if President Obama is re-elected.

Normally I might dismiss such a promo as a liberal smear tactic except I was listening to a right-wing talk show.

After the commercial break they played the full ad and it truly is disgusting.

In the ad Norris and his wife blame the 30 million America Christians who decided not to vote in 2008 for allowing Obama are at fault for allowing Obama’s ‘destruction’ of America.

Given the fact that our votes are supposed to be anonymous, I would like to know where that 30 million Christians figure from.

The duo attempt to invoke the spirit of President Reagan quoting him repeatedly as they play on the common GOP hate-mongering conspiracy such as Obama is secretly a Muslim to invoke post 9/11 Islamophobia and Obama is secretly a communist to invoke cold-world era sentiments.

They warn that if Obama is re-elected it will truly be the start of something much worse than Socialism referring to claims Obama is secretly conspiring to invoke a Marxist revolution to bring the nation under Communist control.

Then the fear-mongering goes biblical with a warning to Christians saying if they allow Obama to be re-elected it will mark the start of 1000 years of darkness.

For those not familiar with the Christian teachings this is a reference to the rise of the Anti-Christ who in Biblical prophecies will bring a 1000 year reign of Satan in the end times.




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  1. Lee_s
    Lee_s 8 July, 2015, 13:34

    Chuck Norris is an idiot. That people pay attention to him betrays the fact that there are tens of thousands of idiots, nitwits and nincompoops in the USA

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