China Detects 10 Cases of Radiation, 2 People Hospitalized With Severe Radiation Poisoning

China Detects 10 Cases of Radiation, 2 People Hospitalized With Severe Radiation Poisoning


News out of China reports that ships, passengers, aircraft and containers are being detected with high levels of radiation. 2 people are reported to have been hospitalized due to severe radiation poisoning suffered during an airline flight.

From The Australia Newspaper The Age:

China detects 10 cases of radiation

April 3, 2011 – 1:24PM

China has detected 10 cases of radioactive contamination among passengers, aircraft, ships and containers arriving from Japan since March 16, quarantine authorities said on Saturday.

On Wednesday, radiation exceeding permitted levels was detected on two ships from the Japanese port of Chiba, near Tokyo, in the ports of Nantong and Zhangjiagang, Li Yuanping, spokesman of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, said on its website.

Similar radiation was measured on four vessels that arrived from Japan at various ports over the next two days.

Higher than normal radiation was also detected Friday on a flight from Tokyo to the eastern city of Hangzhou, the administration’s website said.

Abnormally high radioactivity was first detected on a ship that arrived from Japan at the southeast port of Xiamen on March 22.

Two Japanese travellers were briefly hospitalised the next day with elevated radiation levels after arriving in eastern China on a commercial airliner from Tokyo. Their clothing and luggage was destroyed.

The ministry of environmental protection reported late Friday that very small quantities of iodine-131 and caesium-137 and -134 had been detected in the atmosphere of every Chinese province except Tibet.

The amounts were too small to represent a health hazard, the ministry said.

China last week banned the import of fruit, vegetables, dairy products and seafood from regions close to the site of the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant, which has continued to release radioactivity into the environment since it was crippled in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan.

ABC news reports:

Japanese treated for radiation in China

Two Japanese travellers have been hospitalised in China with “severe” radiation levels after they arrived on a commercial airliner from Tokyo, China’s safety watchdog said.

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said radiation levels that “seriously exceeded limits” were detected on the two when they arrived in the eastern city of Wuxi on Wednesday.

But China’s customs body said they did not present a risk to others.

Until now, no-one in Japan except workers at the stricken plant has been found with seriously elevated radiation levels, and Japan’s foreign ministry noted that as of March 18 the International Civil Aviation Association had declared that screening of airline passengers from Japan was not necessary.

The first case of contaminated Japanese travelling abroad came as injuries to workers slowed the battle to control the Fukushima complex, 240 kilometres north of Tokyo.

Chuiko reports:

In China, two Japanese tourists were hospitalized with radiation

The two Japanese tourists, who arrived March 23 at the airport of the city of Wuxi in east China, revealed elevated levels of radiation.Quarantine Service staff during the measurement of radiation arriving at Wuxi plane from Tokyo found that two Japanese passengers radiation levels “severely higher than normal.” About this fact had been notified local health and environmental services.
The same evening, with the assistance of the Government of Wuxi City Japanese were sent to the second clinic at Suzhou Medical University, where they were treated by radiation, and their clothes and baggage were necessary treatment.
Now, according to experts, men do not pose radiation risk to others, reported on Friday, March 25, the General Directorate of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PRC.

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