Charlie Veitch Arrested In Pre Crime Minority Report To Silence Royal Wedding Opposition


The Intel Hub
April 30th, 2011

Charlie Veitch, an outspoken activist and founder of The Love Police was arrested before the royal wedding in order to silence growing opposition to the monarchy and their ridiculous display of elitist power.

It is clear that this arrest was made in order to keep Charlie locked away until after the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

“The Royal Wedding purge of 2011 ensured that dissenting voices were silenced. It made for an eerily flawless British propaganda spectacle for the world to feed upon,” read a statement in the video of the arrest.

This arrest is an arrest based off of Pre Crime coming from a country that labels itself a democracy yet silences all dissent against a disgusting display of wealth and power.

The corporate controlled media has attempted to sway the masses into believing that this monarchy is a loving, ceremonial family that holds no real power while at the same time activists are being detained in minority report style arrests.

Reports have also surfaced that have confirmed that Kate Middleton is anything but a commoner.

“However, Kate Middleton, the Princess-to-be who is constantly described as a “commoner” is actually anything but. Recent news reports have discovered what the Royals have already known – Commoner Kate is actually a blueblood. The monicker of “commoner” is merely for the benefit of a “profane” populace that now feels that their earthly gods known as the “Royal” family have the same feelings and emotions as themselves,” wrote Brandon Turbeville.

This elite group of eugenicists have an outright obsession with bloodlines yet this fact is laughed off as a conspiracy theory.

Welcome to the New World Order.



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