Cesium Radiation In San Francisco California Milk Spike To Highest Yet — 13.24 pCi/l

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In my last report on the levels of radiation in San Fransisco, California milk UCB detected iodine radiation in raw milk at levels 2600% above the EPA drinking water limit.

Japan Nuclear Iodine Radiation In San Francisco Milk Over 2600% Above EPA Drinking Water Limit

Japan nuclear iodine radiation in San Francisco raw milk detected at 2600% EPA drinking water limits and in store-bought milk 1045% above EPA limits by the latest University of Berkeley radiation tests. The UCB also claimed that all radiation levels in the milk were starting to level off while the data shows a sharp increase in cesium radiation in their milk samples after their statement.

In that report I pointed out how UCB claimed that the radiation levels in milk were leveling off.

The results monitoring page seems to downplaying everything and some statements are outright misleading.
For example the UCB page states that store-bought milk levels of I-131, Cs-134 and Cs-137 are leveling off.

And posted this screen shot of what they wrote.

UCB Says Cesium Radiation In San Francisco Milk Is Leveling Off As Cesium Levels Jump Over 200 Percent

And finally a graph of their Cesium results showing that in fact the cesium radiation levels continued to rise.

Cesium Radiation Levels In San Francisco Store Bought Milk

Now, in the latest round of radiation tests, the cesium radiation in San Francisco milk jump once again to the highest level yet.

Cesium Radiation in UCB San Fransisco Milk Samples Spike To Highest Yet - 13.24 pCi per liter

Here is a screen shot of the latest UCB Milk Radiation tests.

Result Log Of Latest UCB Milk Radiation Tests

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