CBS Reveals The True Origin of ISIS

CBS news reports on the true origin ISIS and how “direct” action funded and armed the terrorists rebels in Syria to launch a 30 year war.

Local CBS news from Atlanta reports on the true origins of ISIS revealing how the group had no power at all following the the invasion of Iraq.

Years later the CIA directly provided the group with weapons while a national media propaganda campaign was waged to justified to give Syria rebels hundreds of millions of dollars to overthrow Syria.

The CBS report details how the United States directly created ISIS for this purpose as overthrowing Syria which threatens to lead to a “30-year war” in the Middle East ultimately benefit defense contractors with hundreds of billions of dollars.

At the same time and more immediately, which CBS doesn’t report that HNN has reported several times, overthrowing Assad is essential to providing an oil pipeline directly into Europe from Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Middle East, via the Turkey-Qatar oil pipeline.  The CIA considers this pipeline vital for reasons of national security, as it offsets Russia’s energy influence over Europe.

The CIA Created ISIS by Funding and Arming Islamic Jihadists to Overthrow Syria.

The CIA Created ISIS by Funding and Arming Islamic Jihadists to Overthrow Syria.

n this episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann explores the origin of ISIS that has already been long forgotten by American media. Swann takes on the central issue of whether or not ISIS was created by “inaction” by the United States government or by “direct” action.

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