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Watch Live #OccupyChicago #OccupyLA – Who Will Be Next? #OccupyTogether #OccupyAmerica

Watch Live Video Streams of the Occupy Wall Street Protests which have spread to several cities nationwide, with encampments now set up and gaining inertia in Chicago and Los Angeles.


Sikh Temple Shooting… Another False Flag Staged To Ban Guns? Evidence Mounting!

A family member whose parents were victims of the shooting said his parents told him there were “multiple shooters” involved in a “coordinated” attack. An eyewitness to the Sikh temple


Greek Default Almost Certain, Warns Moody’s — Spain, Italy, And Belgium Next To Be Downgraded

Ratings agency Moody’s warned on Monday that the chances of a default by Greece was “virtually 100%” and could undermine confidence in other countries in the eurozone as the credit


Japan quake live blog: Death toll surpasses 6,000; 10,259 reported missing

A magnitude 9.0 earthquake hit northern Japan early Friday, triggering tsunamis that caused widespread devastation and crippled a nuclear power plant. Are you in an affected area? Send an iReport.


Global Financial Meltdown: Investors Dump Nearly Everything Admist Worldwide Market Crash

Major Stock Market Indexes, Commodities, Currencies And Everything In Between Is Being Dumped By Investors Across The Globe In The Midst Of A Global Financial Meltdown. The financial markets across


Global Market Meltdown Worsens: Corporations And China Join In On Global Bank Run

The Global Financial Meltdown has dramatically worsened as Corporations and China Jump Aboard The “Institutional” Global Bank Run As Banks Fall Apart As Their Seams. Earlier today the world saw


Global Financial Meltdown: Global Stocks Officially Enter Bear Market After Crashing 22%

The MSCI Global Stock Index Has Officially Entered Bear Market Territory For The First Time Since The Start Of The October 2007 Recession After Crashing 22% and Losing 10 Trillion