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Corporations Sneaking Toxic Synthetic Preservatives Into Organic Baby Formula

Our lawless Wall Street mega-corporations are illegally sneaking synthetic preservatives into baby formula certified to be organic. If you are concerned parent with an infant you most likely have spent


New Study Proves Low Doses of Radiation Are Very Harmful

A just published study done in cooperation with the Japanese government proves that low doses of radiation are extremely harmful. The Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF), and its predecessor the


New Medical Ethics: Designer Genes For Your Baby, And After-Birth Abortions

The Telegraph article titled ‘Genetically engineering ethical babies is a moral obligation advocates the genetic cleansing of personality flaws. by Nicholas West I can’t escape the incredible irony that humanity


Walmart To Sell Monsanto’s Unlabeled Insecticide-Laced GMO Corn

America’s largest bio-agriculture company and the biggest retailer in the country are joining forces, but a happy ending isn’t necessarily in sight. Walmart will soon be stocking their shelves with


Massive Cyber Attack Targets Article Debunking Pro-GMO Hit Piece On Organic Food

Soon after a natural society article debunking a study demonizing organic food in favor of GMOs goes viral it is targeted in by a massive cyber attack. Anthony Gucciardi Activist


Rat Tumor Study Sparks Media Reports On The Evil Of Monsanto

With a recent French study showing Monsanto corn causes massive tumors in rats the media is finally looking into just how evil Monsanto really is. After a recent study conducted


Roundup Herbicide Toxic To Fish In Parts Per Billion

New research shows short-term exposure to Roundup in even extremely low concentrations has DNA-damaging effects on fish. Sayer Ji, Contributor Activist Post New research on the DNA-damaging effects of the


Monsanto To Get Immunity From Federal Laws

A new bill in congress aims to give Monsanto immunity from any damages resulting from genetically altering the US food chain. The United States is experiencing its worst drought since


The Sordid Early History of Fluoride

The shocking story of how Wall Street paid off officials to allow their toxic manufacturing byproduct do be dumped into the public water supply. BeaconOfTruth (Illustrations added by Zen Gardner)


San Francisco Milk Radiation Spikes To Almost Double EPA Limit

The latest radiation tests of San Francisco Bay Area milk sample reveal Cesium is at almost double EPA limit and Cesium-137 is at the highest level since last June. The