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Reuters, LA Times – California Power Grid On The Brink Of Collapse

A persistent heat wave blankets California as temperatures over 10 degrees higher than historical averages threaten to take down the state’s electricity grid. NaturalNews – A persistent heat wave that


Media, Officials Still Playing Dumb As LA Sinkole Expands, Swallows Boat And Tree

Government officials and the media continue playing dumb as the ‘mystery’ sink-hole grows ‘more mysterious’ as sinkhole continues to expand swallowing a boat and a tree. Public officials claim the


Rapid Tooth Decay, Skin Blisters, And Rashes – Fukushima Radiation Poisoning?

A Fukushima resident believes severe health problems including severe tooth decay and multiple skin rashes with blisters is from radiation poisoning. By now those following the Fukushima nuclear fallout most


Japan Is Poisoning Other Countries By Burning Highly-Radioactive Debris

Japan is creating a disaster of a devastating proportions by choosing the economical method of disposing radioactive Fukushima debris by incinerating it. Fukushima to Burn Highly-Radioactive Debris Fukushima will start


Akita Professor: Gov’t Engaged In Propaganda, A Coverup Of Dangers To Japanese People (VIDEO)

A professor of media at Akia University says the government is waging a propaganda campaign and controlled media cover-up of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. See Also: *Developing* Tepco Press Conference:


POLICE STATE 2012: State Seizes Property Under Green Zoning Laws

A man is terrorized to death by the government seizure of his home and property under the authority given by Green Zoning laws code enforcement. After being terrorized by an


Explosions Destroy Saudi Oil Pipeline, Sends Oil Prices Soaring

A massive explosion has destroyed Saudi Oil pipelines sending an uncontrolled source of fuel on fire and crude oil prices soaring. [UPDATE] WTI crude now over $110 a barrel. Stops


Saudi Unrest Will Trigger Further Oil Price Hikes

Oil prices have soared to their highest level in the past ten months following reports of an explosion of pipelines in Saudi Arabia’s oil-rich Eastern Province. Press TV:– On Thursday


Nuclear Expert: Fukushima 10 Times Worse Than Chernobyl — 1 Million Cancers

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen is raising the alarm for the people in Tokyo, warning that Fukushima is 10 times worse than Chernobyl and at least 1 million will get cancer


Cargill And Others Behind Anti-Organic Stanford Study

Stanford’s easily debunked anti-organic ‘study’ is not news, rather, coordinated propaganda campaign funded by Wall Street and Fortune 500 companies. Whether or not Wallop is as brain-addled as he leads