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World Health Organization Says Cellphones Cause Cancer … Oh, And They’re Killing Off the Bees As Well

World Health Organization Says Cellphones Cause Cancer … Oh, And They’re Killing Off the Bees As Well The World Health Organization just issued a report stating that cellphones are “possibly


Rainwater in California Measured 181 Times The Acceptable Limit For Drinking Water

Officials at UC Berkeley have tested rain water that turned out to be 181 times the limit for drinking water. This is happening at the same time that our FAKE


Human Rights Abuse Proposed: Grand Canyon Nuclear Production (Video)

Grand Canyon could become major nuclear weapon, energy source As radiation from Fukushima’s nuclear plants melting down and radiation from the Gulf of Mexico’s crude oil are contaminating Earth’s life forms


Senior adviser who resigned says Japan gov’t set public’s safe radiation limit 20 times too high

A senior nuclear adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has resigned, criticizing the government for ignoring his advice on radiation limits and not doing enough to deal with the


Union of Concerned Scientists Are Pro-Nuclear Government Shills

Union of Concerned Scientists Are Pro-Nuclear Government Shills Author: Kevin Holder There’s a lot of activists and concerned citizens around the world that have good intentions yet fail to fully


A Great Nothing Sweeps the Land

The Intel Hub Shepard Ambellas © 2011. All Rights Reserved Originally Published on April 28, 2011 Deadly tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, land hurricanes, random violent storms, flash floods, and radiation have swept


We Could Make Our Roads Into Solar and Piezo-Electric Generators

I wrote yesterday: Another use of a free, wasted byproduct to generate electricity is piezo-electric energy. “Piezo” means pressure. Anything that produces pressure can produce energy. For example, a train


The Great Global Warming Swindle

This ground breaking documentary from Britain’s Channel 4 counters the notion the Global Warming debate has been settle once and for all. Of course there is a big problem with


Massive Santa Barbara Oil Spill 2015 Killing Ocean Life in Protected Sanctuary

The Santa Barbara oil spill on May 19, 2015 is far from over as dead and dying wildlife continue to wash ashore two weeks after the 110,000 gallon oil spill


Report: 1.68 microsieverts an hour detected in Canadian rain water sample — Geiger counter display reads “DANGEROUS RADIATION BACKGROUND”

Geiger counter display of radiation test of rain in Lake Louise, Canada reads “DANGEROUS RADIATION BACKGROUND” and shows a reading of 1.68 uSv/hr. The location were the reading was recorded