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Japan Dumps 3 MILLION Gallons Of Radioactive Water Into Pacific Ocean After Covering Up Water Radiation Levels 7.5 Millions Times Legal Limit

Japan and TEPCO covered up radiation levels 7.5 million times above legal limits in the seawater. Sadly these these were levels measured in the seawater before they dumped 3 million


Rainwater in California Measured 181 Times The Acceptable Limit For Drinking Water

Officials at UC Berkeley have tested rain water that turned out to be 181 times the limit for drinking water. This is happening at the same time that our FAKE


Tepco Says Fukushima Worker’s Radiation Nears Limit Allowed

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said at least one worker at its damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power has been exposed to radiation levels near the maximum level allowed by the government.


Demand Japan End The Cover Up Of Extremely High Radiation In The Pacific Ocean

Q: If the levels of radiation in the fish and seawater are truly safe then why is Japan refusing to allow independent radiation tests and marine monitoring? A: Japan is


Cesium Radiation In San Francisco California Milk Spike To Highest Yet — 13.24 pCi/l

Posts In my last report on the levels of radiation in San Fransisco, California milk UCB detected iodine radiation in raw milk at levels 2600% above the EPA drinking water


Senior adviser who resigned says Japan gov’t set public’s safe radiation limit 20 times too high

A senior nuclear adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has resigned, criticizing the government for ignoring his advice on radiation limits and not doing enough to deal with the


Extremely High Levels Of Nuclear Cesium Radiation Found In Japan Sewer Systems

Extremely High Levels Of Nuclear Cesium Radiation Found In Japan Sewer Systems And Over 500 Tons Of The Radioactive Sludge Has Been Shipped Off To Be Use In Producing Cement.


After Over A Week US Media Finally Acknowledges Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown In 3 Reactors

After over a week has passed since TEPCO first admitted to nuclear meltdowns in 3 of the Fukushima nuclear reactors, the US corporate media finally acknowledges the reports. On May


US And IAEA Knew Fukushima Had Meltdown Within 3.5 Hours Since March And Hid It From The Public

A new report reveals that US and IAEA officials knew since March that the Fukushima nuclear power plant suffered a nuclear meltdown with 3.5 hours of the Japan earthquake and


TEPCO: Multiple 10-Centimeter Holes in #Fuksuhima Nuclear Reactor 2 Containment Vessel

TEPCO reports that there are multiple 10 centimeter holes in the Fukushima nuclear reactor 2 containment vessel. As previously reported TEPCO has acknowledged holes in the containment vessels of Fukushima