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Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Found in US Beef

Fukushima radiation tests conducted on US ground beef shows radioactive contamination in grass fed cows. See also: Cesium Radiation In San Francisco California Milk Spike To Highest Yet — 13.24


NBC News: ‘FUKUSHIMA Reactors Still Deteriorating’ – ‘All We Can Do Now Is Pray’

NBC News reports on one of Japan’s nuclear ghost towns in a sobering article on the still deteriorating state of the Fukushima nuclear reactors. NBC News: ‘FUKUSHIMA Reactors Still Deteriorating’


Japan Ingores Experts’ Fears Nuclear Reactor Strength Is Failing

Despite the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster industry cohorts have issued a blanket dismissal of scientists concerns over a failing nuclear reactor. Editor’s note: You can access the original article for


WHO Consultant: Fukushima Genentic Mutations 100 times Higher Than Expected

Genetic mutations from radiation exposure are up to 100 times higher than anything we have encountered in the animal kingdom – Dr. Fernex, Former WHO Consultant Title: Fukushima: precious time


Fukushima Has Potential To Destroy The World And Our Civilization

A former UN Advisor warns that Fukushima has the potential to destroy the world, the environment and our civilization and the nuclear fallout may take 50 years to contain. Experts


Japanese School Children Suffering Horribly From Fukushima Nuclear Fallout

Horrific videos of crimes against humanity being inflicted on the citizens of Japan as part of the Fukushima nuclear fallout cover up. I just tweeted this a video: Japanese Professor


TIME Brags About Spinning Bufferfly Mutations From Fukushima Radiation

Time Magazine blatantly tells their readers they have found a positive way to spin genetic mutations caused by Fukushima Radiation. How much sicker can this get? Absolutely disgusting… The article


Fukushima Nuclear Situation Deteriorating

Fukushima data obfuscated in technical jargon makes it clear the situation is deteriorating and much worse than corporate media headlines lead you to believe. Richard Wilcox, Contributor Activist Post Were


Japan Covered Up Fukushima In Fear Of International Military Occupation

An investigation into Fukushima nuclear meltdowns governing defects reveals the Prime Minister feared an international takeover of Japan. A new independent investigation into the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns reveals why government


Nuclear Expert: Fukushima 10 Times Worse Than Chernobyl — 1 Million Cancers

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen is raising the alarm for the people in Tokyo, warning that Fukushima is 10 times worse than Chernobyl and at least 1 million will get cancer