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Reprogramming The Masses – Plutonium Is Actually Good For You!

Reprogramming The Masses – Plutonium Is Actually Good For You! Government pushed corporate media propaganda about the Japan nuclear fallout just keeps getting better and better. Here is some of


Radioactive Nuclear Reactor Core Melts Through Containment Vessel Floor

Just hours after the Prime Minister of Japan declares a “maximum alert” due to plutonium leaking from a reactor breach the Guardian is reports a nuclear reactor core has melted


US Government Centralizing Data To Respond To Nuclear Radiation Emergency They Say Is Not Happening

The US Government has starting amassing and centralizing data and information to instruct the public and medical facilities on how to respond to a radioactive emergency that the Feds and


Operator of Japan’s Stricken Nuclear Plant Has Been “Going Round and Round in Circles” Using the Wrong Approach

Reactor 1 Tepco says that the fuel rods at Fukushima reactor 1 are exposed. As Bloomberg notes: Tokyo Electric Power Co. said fuel rods are fully exposed in the No.


South Koreans Wear Masks Out of Fear of Radiation from Japan

As Zero Hedge noted yesterday: As the following animation from ZAMG demonstrates, courtesy of Northeastern winds, a major cloud of radioactive Iodine 131 is currently passing right over South Korea.


Japan Dumps 3 MILLION Gallons Of Radioactive Water Into Pacific Ocean After Covering Up Water Radiation Levels 7.5 Millions Times Legal Limit

Japan and TEPCO covered up radiation levels 7.5 million times above legal limits in the seawater. Sadly these these were levels measured in the seawater before they dumped 3 million


Rainwater in California Measured 181 Times The Acceptable Limit For Drinking Water

Officials at UC Berkeley have tested rain water that turned out to be 181 times the limit for drinking water. This is happening at the same time that our FAKE


Tepco Says Fukushima Worker’s Radiation Nears Limit Allowed

Tokyo Electric Power Co. said at least one worker at its damaged Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear power has been exposed to radiation levels near the maximum level allowed by the government.


Demand Japan End The Cover Up Of Extremely High Radiation In The Pacific Ocean

Q: If the levels of radiation in the fish and seawater are truly safe then why is Japan refusing to allow independent radiation tests and marine monitoring? A: Japan is


Cesium Radiation In San Francisco California Milk Spike To Highest Yet — 13.24 pCi/l

Posts In my last report on the levels of radiation in San Fransisco, California milk UCB detected iodine radiation in raw milk at levels 2600% above the EPA drinking water