Can CNN Possibly Fit Anymore Lies Into A 1 Minute Video Clip?

Can CNN Possibly Fit Anymore Lies Into A 1 Minute Video Clip?


Watch this video clip from CNN and tell if you think CNN could possibly fit any more lies into a 60 second sound bite.

Here’s the transcripts, with my comments in [brackets] followed by the video clip.

The United Nations says the security situation in Aleppo has become to dangerous.

The city is under constant bombardment by government artillery and aircraft. [Really? video, photos? also… nice how you don’t mention the terrorists’ artillery or missiles]

Ben Wedemen has just left Aleppo were he says [pause]…. there is a humanitarian disaster [pause]… in the making.

Wedemen: For a lot of the day we watch the Syrian air forces jets, uh, were bombing civilian areas [photos?, videos?, seriously you were there all day and have nothing to show for it?] that were held by the Free Syrian Army [AKA, CIA terrorist consisting of Al-Aqaeda and foreign Mercenaries].

These are civilian areas that are still heavily populated by people [really a week ago you reported nearly all civilians had fled fearing an imminent government massacre] who have nowhere to go, they can get out. [now they are trapped?].

We were at a field hospital in fact where they were receiving wounded from those air raids [Wait a minute, you literally just said they are trapped and they can’t get out but they are able to get out to get to a hospital? what?].

We had spoken to the doctors briefly, before the wounded showed up, and he said that only did he lack medicine… he lacked medical equipment… but he also lacked the staff he needed to help them to treat the wounded because they can not get into the rebel held parts of the city. [What does lacking staff have to do with them not being able to treat the wounded in the rebel held parts of the city? that statement makes absolutely no sense at all]

And, in fact, as we waited outside the hospital, he was operating on the wounded… he rushed out, his hands full of blood from the operating table with his cell phone in his hand [really, a surgeon running outside of a hospital covered in blood with his cellphone in his hand to conveniently have a conversation in front of CNN reporter’s. And CNN really thinks people are actually going to believe this happened] pleading with doctors and nurses to come and help him, uh, to help him uh, deal with the bloodshed

Seriously, try to imagine a doctor running out of your local hospital covered in blood with his cell phone “pleading with doctor’s and nurses” to come help him with the bloodshed.

I mean, people are dying inside and here is this doctor covered in blood calls a doctor pleading “Come help me with the bloodshed” Sorry can’t gotta a golf game… calls another doctor pleading “Come help me with the bloodshed” calls another doctor pleading “Come help me with the bloodshed”…. calls a nurse pleading “Come help me with the bloodshed” calls another nurse pleading “Come help me with the bloodshed”… calls another nurse pleading “Come help me with the bloodshed”…

Come on, no one who actually tries to visualize and think critically about the bullshit CNN is reporting can actually believe this real. It sounds like a script for television show… a very bad TV show that no one watches because it is simply unbelievable.

Seriously, CNN needs to get better writers because that’s exactly what this is, horribly scripted news.

In the mean time CNN entirely ignores reports of civilians, including Christians being massacred, entire families executed and their children being forced to watch and then hung in the street afterward.

CIA Terrorists In Syria Hang Child In Public After Executing His Family

A child hung in public is the latest victim of CIA terrorists conducting death squad raids in Syria.

As world leader’s from the Russian Foreign Minister to even the Vatican have come out against the US using Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria to execute civilians and cleanse Christians in a campaign to over throw the Syrian government, the corporate media continues its blackout of details of the illicit CIA operations being conducted on the ground.

As NATO terrorists run amuck, summarily executing any civilian they capture that doesn’t support their CIA produced and parrot media directed revolution, more and more graphic videos of their war crimes surface on the internet.

Just yesterday came reports they kidnapped and executed one of Syria’s most famed TV news anchors which of course just followed a video showing the terrorists dragging a family leader and his men into the streets and executing them.

Instead of CNN and other news outlets telling the real story they reveal their true c0lors getting caught repeatedly showing faked news reports, publishing faked imagestime and time again– and airing interviews that are also outed as being staged and faked, like this one.

Now, the CIA’s terrorists have sunk to a new low dragging a family from their home and executing them all in front of their child and then saving that child to be hung in public to send a message to those who don’t support their fake revolution.


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