California Cries Bankruptcy As A Hidden $600 Billion Is Discovered

A ‘hidden’ $600 billion is discovered as California threatens to follow suit the lead of its cites and declaring bankruptcy over a $43 billion shortfall.

California cities and counties have gone on a bankruptcy declaring spree claiming they don’t have enough money to pay the public sector debt obligations.

On top of assuring the bankruptcies fund 6 figure pensions of the corrupt politicians in charge the ‘debt restructurings’ also assure that payments on Wall Street funded debt a top priority to credit ratings to be maintained.

Now the State of California is crying bankruptcy as well claiming that they can’t fund $27 billion in pension obligations and another $16 billion in budget deficits.

But, as Carl Herman reveals, this is yet another criminal lie being perpetrated by Wall Street owned politicians as the truth is $600 billion dollars in ‘hidden’ funds has been discovered in California.

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