Bypassing News: US Citizens Journalism Killing Mainstream

Bypassing News: US Citizens Journalism Killing Mainstream

A recent Gallup poll shows that an all time low of on only 20% of the public trusts the news as citizen journalism continues to rise.

Biased and bungled reporting on US news networks are behind plummeting audience numbers, according to the Gallup Poll.

With this in mind, it also seems that Freelance editors are now providing citizen journalists with a platform to speak their truth from the comfort of their own homes.

Whereas in the past, only the qualified elite have been allowed to share their thoughts on current affairs, it does seem that the tide is turning. Journalists working from home can now share facts and opinions on just about any topic to spark discussion and debate.

Undoubtedly as political unrest continues to course throughout the world, we will see more and more citizen journalists coming forward with unique stories and perspectives to challenge the current status quo.

As far as the 20% who do still trust the news I would suppose they simply either don’t have internet access or when they go online they don’t dare stray too far from sites owned by the corporations that own the corporate media.

For anyone who happens to land here that still believes the news is trustworthy these will instantly make you non-believers as well: Caught: Staged CNN Syria Interviews Faked By Activist Danny and Wag The Dog – Media Caught Faking Syria News Stories.

Of course that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

RT reports on the Gallup Poll and the continual decline of the corporate media in the video below which also looks at a cutting-edge project that’s encouraging ordinary Americans to drive our country’s news agenda instead.

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