Buzz Feed published Russia Trump sex memos to expose CNN’s fake news

Buzz Feed’s editor-in-chief tells MSBNC he knew the Russia sex scandal memos were fake but published them to inform the public about the Fake News reports the media.

Buzz Feed Published Russia Sex Memos to Expose CNN's Fake News

Buzz Feed Published Russia Sex Memos to Expose CNN’s Fake News

Yesterday CNN ran as their top headline a story claiming a two-page intelligence summary of a 35 page dossier was presented to Trump by intelligence officials last week which contained wild allegations ranging from Russia cultivating Trump for the U.S. presidency to claims Russia had sex tapes of Trump with prostitutes that the president-elect ordered to give a ‘Golden Showers’ to a Ritz-carlton suite the Obamas used in Russia.   CNN claimed top intelligence officials corroborated their reports in this  “sensitive top secret intelligence”  stating the allegations outlined in the two page summary were supported by numerous U.S. intelligence officials.

Since their initial report, which continues to report while every other news organization including MSNBC now has admitted to be a complete fraud, CNN has been blasted by Trump for publishing fake news while CNN has resorted to pointing their figure at Buzz Feed.

CNN’s start anchor Anderson Cooper lied repeatedly in a desperate attempt to defend CNN’s fake news coverage of the fake Buzz Feed Russia memos after being blasted by Donald Trump and the NY Times for their fake news reporting.

Meanwhile, Buzz Feed is firing back stating they published the document knowing the memos were fake as part of an effort to inform the public about the fake news reports that were being spread by media outlets such as CNN while comparing the severity of the reporting on the fake memos to reorts surrounding the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

In fact, Buzz Feed’s editor-in-chief appeared on MSNBC tonight to double down that they  Buzz Feed was not promoting the fake news allegations, which again CNN still asserts to be true, but instead to make sure that the public knows that not only are the memos fake news but Buzz Feed only published them because the public had the right to know about the document that top U.S. officials, from intelligence agencies, government and law enforcement, were circulating that CNN was reporting to be be true and credible.

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