Bullets Planted In Luggage Of Ron Paul Delegate At 2012 RNC

Bullets Planted In Luggage Of Ron Paul Delegate At 2012 RNC


An elderly woman who reported her hotel room was broken into to the police while at the RNC finds ammunition was in her luggage by the burglars.



RP Staffer Says Ammo PLANTED in Baggage

I’m a Delegate traveling home from Tampa.

While waiting in the Tampa airport with some oath keepers staffers, we were approached by a woman who told us a very disturbing story.

She said (video to follow) that her hotel room was broken into three times while she attended the convention as part of the Texas delegation.

She filed a police report for the record. Nothing was missing from her room.

Here is where it gets interesting … She says that as she was going through TSA “security” at Tampa Intl. Airport they found .22 caliber Ammo in her luggage!!

The RP staffer was sequestered in “TSA” area and told that she would be arrested for having this ammo in her luggage.

She then told the TSA that she works for Ron Paul, and was released post-haste.

I have her testimony on video, but am currently at 30k feet and cannot upload until later.

I wanted to pass along at her request.

The shit is getting deeper by the minute.


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