Breaking: Israeli Tanks Invade Gaza

Breaking: Israeli Tanks Invade Gaza


Israeli tanks have launched an invasion into the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah as Tel Aviv escalates attacks on the besieged Palestinian territory.

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March 29th, 2012
This is a breaking news story just being reported on Iranian TV.
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According to Press TV the invasion has been accompanied not only by a tanks but with air assaults as well.

Israel Launches Air And Ground Assaults On Gaza

This file photo shows an Israeli helicopter firing munitions in the Gaza Strip.
Israel has launched an air and ground assault on the southern Gaza Strip, as it continues to step up its attacks on the besieged Palestinian territory, Press TV reports.

A Press TV correspondent said on Thursday that Israeli troops entered the eastern part of the town of Rafah with tanks and bulldozers. Israeli helicopters also opened fire on the same area.

Over the past few months, Tel Aviv has increased its attacks on the besieged coastal strip, killing tens of Palestinian people and injuring many more.

The Israeli military frequently attacks the Gaza Strip, saying the actions are being conducted for defensive purposes. However, disproportionate force is always used, in violation of international law, and civilians are often killed or injured.

Gaza has been blockaded since 2007, a situation which has caused a decline in the standards of living, and has triggered unprecedented levels of unemployment and unrelenting poverty.

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