BP LMRP Cap May Be Damaged After Becoming Dislodged


At some point yesterday the LMRP cap that BP is using to siphon oil from the leaking oil well became dislodged.

The seas were calm yesterday so the speculation is that the erratic cap movement witnesses yesterday was from increased oil pressure or an increased gas release. It is also speculated by oil industry experts that a poor weld connection of the ship’s riser may cracked off allowing the riser to become dislodged in the first place.

Video of the disconnected cap riser bobbing around on 06/09/2010 around 7:44 AM

Today on the Skandi ROV live BP oil leak cam we see that there is what appears to be a rubber seal from the cap flapping around in the oil gusher.

Here are some screen shots of what appears to be a rubber seal flapping around.
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Here is some video from the Skandi ROV live oil leak cam.


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